One of the most recent additions to PUBG Mobile, Rage Gear, is an exciting new way of enjoying the same Battle Royale experience. In this new mode, the player can use their weapons even while running or being in a vehicle. Therefore, many of the tactical approaches you are used to in other modes don't apply in Rage Gear.

PUBG Mobile Rage Gear mode

Keep in mind of course, that Rage Gear is divided into two modes in which the objective for each is different. In Rage Gear TDM, you are supposed to destroy as many vehicles as possible and reach the fixed limit before others. In the Pick Up mode, the focus is on collecting crates before the opponents do, but if you lose your vehicle any crates that you have collected will be lost. So apply your tactics accordingly based on the Rage Gear mode you're playing.

If you are one of the players still trying to get the hang of this mode, fear not! Here are some tips that ensure you'll ace the combat in Rage Gear in no time:

The right vehicle gets the chicken dinner

Find your right vehicle

There are three vehicles you can choose from in Rage Gear, which are the Buggy, the UAZ, and the Dacia. Depending on how you play PUBG Mobile, each vehicle has strengths and weaknesses that can complement your style well. For instance, the Buggy is great for long-range shooting thanks to its speed and efficiency. The Dacia can take a lot of punishment from afar, and finally the UAZ has tons of HP and ideal for close-range combat.

For further details on the strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle in Rage Gear on PUBG Mobile, check out our other article here.

Have the proper firepower for the job

Pick the right weapon

There are three vehicles to choose in Rage Gear just like how it is with vehicles: We have the M249, the MGL and the RPG-7. The M249 with its ammo capacity is great for sustained combat and better at hitting the target. The RPG-7 as a rocket launcher only has one ammo per magazine, but has powerful blast damage. Meanwhile, the MGL grenade launcher has a little of bit of both: higher ammo than the RPG-7, and more damage per shot than the M249.

Focus on driving and get the rewards

Pick up crates and fend off others

In Rage Gear, there are many airdrops that require the player drive around a lot to grab them as you fend off other players doing the same. Anyone that collects 15 of the yellow drops that say "P" gets the chicken dinner, so players that are more comfortable with driving more than shooting should prioritize the former in this PUBG Mobile mode. In the Pick Up mode, the focus on driving tactically is even more important.

Shoot smarter, not more

Stay out of the radar

Because most players will be in their vehicles, try to surprise and ambush your enemies as often as you can instead of engaging in direct combat. When you hit the enemy vehicles on the side or the back, they can not detect you on their aiming radar. Find the right spot to ambush and you can finish the opponent before they can even process what just happened.

Use your vehicle recovery often

Watch your vehicle's health

While the Rage Gear mode can get your adrenaline pumping, don't neglect to pick up vehicle recovery when you see it. Even if your vehicle still has decent HP, you never know when someone can ambush you and take away a huge chunk of health that can end your session in PUBG Mobile.