The 0.16.0 update has officially arrived today with many cool updates, especially the new "Rage Gear" mode. No more boring running and looting anymore. In this mode, you and your team will be driving cars mounted with heavy weapons to fight with another team in an arena. It's all about speed, power, and violence.

This is the first time this mode was introduced to PUBG Mobile so you might be a little confused about what should you do. Here are all the tips and tricks for each vehicle for you to survive and get point crates in Rage Gear.

point crates in rage gear
You can choose one in 3 weapons

Into the game, you will get to choose to use Dacia, UAZ or Buggy if you are the driver. If you are the shooter you will get to choose your weapon among RPG-7, MGL, M249. Your role will switch once you are taken down and respawn. There are 3 cars on each side. Each car will have 2 players, one drive and one shooter

point crates in rage gear
There are 3 cars in total for you to choose from

These cars and weapons aren't the same. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses that you need to play around.

1. Dacia

point crates in rage gear
Dacia is a balanced vehicle

The Dacia has an average amount of health and speeds while having the highest Collison. It is mounted with a Gatling Gun which can shoot continuously with sustained damage. The Dacia is the most balanced car of all. The Gatling Gun is a very accurate weapon. You can easily you the Dacia to track behind enemies and spray them to death. If you use Dacia, the shooter should use M249 or RPG to make you more deadly of mid-range combat situations.

Always keeps your distance with UAZ and don't be afraid to chase Buggy.

2. Heavy Armor - UAZ

point crates in rage gear
Be aggressive with the UAZ

This PUBG car is slow, but it has the most amount of heath. It's equipped with a powerful Shotgun, which makes it perfect for people who love to crash into enemies vehicle. The slow speed disadvantage doesn't really matter if you can turn twist to lose enemies. The best weapon to go with this car is the MGL or the RPG. These two weapons will vanish your enemies in seconds if you can get to them.

The UAZ also has another way to eliminate opponents without shooting, which is crashing into the side of other cars and flipping them upside down. All you have to then is finish them off or just let them be. But remember that their teammate can also flip them up by crashing into them.

3. Buggy

point crates in rage gear
The Buggy is good at long range fights

The Buggy has the least amount of health but is compensated by its speed. However, the arena isn't big enough to take advantage of it. With the buggy, you would always want to fight from afar or get behind your opponent. You should never fight head-on with the other two types of cars because you will likely die first. Mounted with the RPG, your shooter should also use the RPG to snipe other cars from far away.

You need to aware of your surroundings always to avoid being focus fired and surrounded. You speed will be really helpful for you to escape or steal buffs, health point crates in Rage Gear before anyone.

4. Other point crates in Rage Gear tips

point crates in rage gear
Pick up health crates to stay alive

In this mode, knowing how to drift is extremely important. This technique allows you to turn your car to another direction quickly and turn situations around.

Remember to pick up bonus crates and health crates. These crates will keep you alive and increase your power significantly. Health crates will be spawned on top of the 4 ramps at four corners of the map. You can check your minimap to see if they are spawned yet.

You can change to the driver seat or vice versa during the fight if the other player agrees.

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