During the Grand Finals of the PMCO Fall Splits yesterday, the General Manager of Global Publishing from Tencent has announced that PUBG Mobile is going to have some new features. Particularly, the game will add a color-blind option along with a mode called "Rage Gear" in Evo Ground. You can check out the official Rage Gear Teaser below.

This Rage Gear mode is the one that we leaked in a previous post. The mode seems to be inspired from the movie series Death Race with weapon-mounted vehicles. From beta gameplay videos about the mode, it will be played on a small tracked placed on Miramar. There 3 types of cars for players to choose from to race including UAZ, Dacia, and Buggy, mounted with miniguns and Rocket Launcher. Players will be equipped with their own guns as well. The rule of the game is fairly simple, try using those weapons that you have to eliminate all other opponents.

Rage Gear Teaser Update 0 16 0 Dec 11 Death Race M 5813_wm
Players will ride weapon-mounted vehicles to fight each other

Along the tracks, there will be Supply Crates for players to get weapons and vehicle repair kits. But no player can get out of their car to get those loots.

The Rage Gear mode will be coming to PUBG Mobile in on December 11. This also indicates that the 0.16.0 update will likely come out on December 9 because the new game mode usually comes after the update 2 to 3 days. The 0.16.0 update will also bring players a new look for Erangel with a few snow area and cable cars.

Bigetron Ra Winner Of Pmco Fall Split Global Final 8fb9_wm
Bigetron RA has crowned as the champion of the PMCO Fall Split

In other news, the PMCO Grand Finals has come to an end with the SEA contender Bigetron RA crowned the champion. Entity Gaming went 5th place and place themselves among the best PUBG Mobile teams in the world. Team Soul only went 13th place, but that is understandable with the recent comeback of MortaL to the competitive scene and the leaving of old team members. They will need some more time to adjust themselves and prepare for the competition next year.