The Global Finals of PMCO in Malaysia has concluded, and with it, PUBG Mobile’s 2019 season. During an official announcement at the end of the tournament, James Yang, PUBG Mobile’s Esports Director from Tencent, unveiled their grand plan for the Scene in 2020.

Tencent Pubg Scaled
A bigger prize pool for all tournaments

A new league system would be introduced in the next season, with 4 countries getting their own Pro Leagues: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. America and South Asia would also get their own Regional Pro Leagues as well. The top teams of each league would get a ticket to the World Series, in which the best teams of every region gathered.

World League Format
The format of the tournaments in 2020

What is the World Series? At the end of a season, all top teams from various regions around the world would gather together and duke it out for the grand title in the World Championship. Lower tier leagues like PMCO would still be continued for Pros and Semi-Pros, along with campus tournaments and countrywide events for Amateur players.

The Director also announced that the total prize pool for the 2020 season of PUBG Mobile would be over five million dollars. Registration for the next season of PMCO would start from Jan 2020, two months earlier than 2019’s. The World League would be divided between two splits, just like PMCO's format. The Spring Split would begin in May and the Fall Split would begin in October.

This news has pretty much cemented PUBG Mobile’s future as an Esports. The game is currently amongst the hottest competitive scene in gaming and is gaining traction after every event. 2020 would be the year of PUBG Mobile, for both pros and amateurs. Interested in more of our PUBG related articles? Please check out this post for the end of the PMCO grand finals.