PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Global Finals are finally over and after a three-day-long tournament spread over 16 matches, Bigetron RA emerged the winner of PMCO Global Finals 2019. The team maintained a lead on the scoreboard throughout the tournament and secured a total of 303 points along with five chicken dinners.

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Bigetron RA, the champion of this tournament

The biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in the world, PMCO Global Finals, is finally over. After three long days and a total of 16 games, Bigetron RA, the representative of Indonesia, won the whole thing. Despite not even directly invited to the tournament, they have been dominating the board, with over 300 points in both the Prelims and the Grand Finals. They also got 5/16 Chicken Dinners of the tournament, which is almost a 30% rating. They will get the $180,000 prize pool, along with the title of “the best PBUG Mobile team in the world”. Top Esports and Mega Esports come second and third, with 197 and 191 points respectively, which is more than 100 points lower than Bigetron.

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Entity Gaming did pretty well in the Grand Finals, however, they hadn't had any chicken dinners.

The South Asian representatives, Entity Gaming and Soul, placed at fifth and twelfth, with a total score of 157 and 102 points. Soul got the only Indian Chicken Dinner of the tournament, along with its $5000 reward. The total prize money of Entity Gaming and Soul are $12,000 and $8,000 respectively.

Amongst the six matches played on the third day, 3 are on Erangel, with the rests getting 1 each. Entity Gaming consistently stayed in the middle of the pack. They managed to get into the top 5 due to commendable efforts during the last two rounds – Vikendi and Erangel. Soul played rather poorly in this tournament.

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Bigetron pretty much dominates the board, Entity's Jonathan comes fifth.

About personal achievements, its not a surprise that the two assaulters of Bigetron lead the board, as they both have over 40 kills, way more than the third position.

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