Fnatic (previously XSpark) is considered as one of the best PUBG Mobile team in India even though the team was formed just a few months ago. Their line up consists of veteran players from famous teams such as SouL and IND, who have been competing at PUBG Mobile tournaments both in India and on international stages. But what they have shown their audiences and fans in the PMCO Fall Split Finals was really disappointing. They failed miserably and didn't even manage to get a Chicken Dinner. Maybe that is the reason why the team is going to have some changes to their line up.

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Despite having the best players, Fnatic didn't do very well in the PMCO South Asia Finals

According to Scout in one of his streams, the team is going to get a little bit of help from some other players in the upcoming tournaments. Inyourdream will leave Fnatic and Ash from team 8bit will join the team. Scout can't participate in the next PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup in Riyadh two weeks from now so Ash will be taking his place temporary. Scout will return to the team later to join the Peacekeeper Elite International Championship Cup 2019 from December 28-29. Owais will be the IGL of the team from now on.

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Scout won't play in the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup so Ash will take his place temporary

Scout also mentioned that the team will have Pratik Mehra aka Aurum as a coach to guide them. Aurum is one of the best PUBG PC players in India who has represented India on the international stage. He was the IGL and captain of  Team Raptors.

Additionally, Scout said that his team would change their strategy from now on. They will no longer drop at Military Base anymore and play around the plane route instead.