PUBG Mobile is one of the hottest BRG game now with interesting gameplay and many exciting in-game activities. In addition to entertaining, PUBG Mobile players also try to rank up fast when playing the game to get attractive rewards. Besides, the higher rank you reach, the more pro players you’ll meet on the battleground. Let’s check out the top six tips to rank up faster in PUBG Mobile now. will show you how to push rank in PUBG here.

1. How to push rank in PUBG: Choose & focus on 1 game mode

You should choose a game mode you like most and are best at. Then, concentrate on that mode to rank up fast. This is the first rule on how to push rank in PUBG mobile that you should keep in mind. It's also the key to level up quickly in battle royale games like PUBG Mobile.

how to push rank in pubg
Choose Your Best Game Mode

When you play in different modes all day, you will see your rank doesn’t increase much. Your points you earn from matches will be divided into different modes (squad, duo, or solo). Pro players often play in solo mode and reach the gold tier after a couple of weeks easily. Or else, nothing is better than having a good squad and rank up together. 

2. How to push rank in PUBG: Survive for Longer, rank up faster

As PUBG Mobile is a survival game, surviving for longer is very important. Kills and survival time are two major elements determining your rank. However, you should keep in mind that survival time makes up 80% of the total point. Thus, it’s very important to live until you get into top #10 last survivors in every match. It’s a key tip on how to rank up fast on PUBG mobile you should always keep in mind.

how to push rank in pubg
Try To Survive As Long As Possible

3. How to increase rank in PUBG: Evade combat to rush into safe zone

Sometimes, you will get shot or spot an enemy when rushing into the safe zone. Don’t shoot. Keep running into the playing zone as fast and quietly as possible. If you shoot when staying outside the white circle, you reveal your location to the enemies inside the safe zone. Then, your way to the playing zone will be rougher.

how to push rank in pubg
Enter The Safe Zone First

4. How to push rank PUBG Mobile: Damage is important

Damage is also very important as the game system will count it to calculate the survival rating when the match finishes. The health restored is also calculated at the end of the match. Thus, try to cause damage to enemies as much as possible and heal quickly. It will make your total rating higher and help rank increase quickly. So, don't miss this tip on how to rank up fast in PUBG mobile.

how to increase level in pubg
Damage And Heath Restored Are Important

Even when you cannot kill the enemies, try to cause damage to them. Moreover, the players having the highest damage points will be the MVP of your squad. Even when your kill point is lower, you will be the MVP if your damage point is higher than others.

5. PUBG Rank Push is only available in Classic Mode

There are three main game modes in PUBG Mobile, including Classic, EvoGround, and Arcade. And the ranking feature is only available in Classic Mode. Therefore, if you play the game in EvoGround or Arcade mode, your rank won’t change. For newbies, you should play in Arcade mode to warm up and get accustomed to in-game movements. Then, try to master classic mode to increase your rank.

how to increase rank in pubg
Play Classic Mode To Rank Up Faster

Never wonder why you can't rank up when playing EvoGround or Arcade. Only by playing classic matches can you increase your rank. It's the rule on how to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile.

6. How to Rank Up Fast in PUBG Mobile: Play in Sanhok Map

Sanhok is smaller than Miramar and Erangel maps, only one quarter in size. Thus, the tempo and frequency of combat are higher. Each match in Sanhok only lasts about 25 minutes while it’s around 35 minutes in two previous maps. Therefore, you can save time and join more matches to collect points. It’s a super useful tip to rank up faster in PUBG Mobile that not many players know.

how to increase rank in pubg
You Will Rank Up Faster In Sanhok Map Where The Matches Last Shorter

It is not a rule but a useful tip that many players found out after playing PUBG Mobile for a long time. If you haven't known it before, practice it now. You will definitely see your rank increase faster.

Those are the top six tips to rank up faster in PUBG Mobile. Read this guide on how to push rank in PUBG and improve your tier in the game. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as further useful tips for gamers, visit our website.