The Ruins is the latest Team Death Match map of PUBG Mobile. The map was added to the game in the last 0.15.5 update. Team Death Match is a fast-paced mode that is completely different from battle royale mode. It has a smaller map, players can pick whatever weapon they want to use, and players will respawn at their base shortly after they die. However, the Team Match Match mode on The Ruins is a little bit different. Players will respawn at a random location instead of their base after they die, which increases the chance of encountering an enemy. Also, dead players will spawn a loot box so players can refill their ammo without having to head back the base.

Pubg The Ruins Map 770x433 4131_wm
The Ruins is the latest TDM map of PUBG mobile

The terrain of The Ruins is more complex than Warehouse with many vantage points, blind spots. It would be really unwise to just rush forward without thinking. Here are all the tips, tricks, and things you should know to win more on The Ruins.

A good team composition

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Here is the map of The Ruins and you can see a very long hallway on the left

You cannot play whatever you want and win on this map. Proper team composition and a strategy will give you a big advantage and cover all the spots that the other might sneak up on you. First, your team needs a sniper to cover the left side of the map. There is a long hallway on the left side of the map as you can see above. Pushing through this hallway is nearly impossible if there is a sniper camping so this will be the sniper battleground only. Next, you need two people with an Assault Rifle/ SMG to go to the front line and take on close-quarter combats. Finally, we need a person that can play anything and adapt to the situation to flank enemies.

Aggressive vs Defensive

Xpubg Mobile Ruins Tdm Double Doors 1024x576 Jpg P D429_wm
Play defensively and wait for your enemies to come to you is better

With so many vantage points on the map, playing defensively is usually the better option especially for new players. The map is quite complicated so you need to be familiar with all the roads, chokes, paths in order to make a push or else you will just become easy prey to get picked up and give the other team free points. If you want to play aggressively, go in small groups and play guerrilla warfare when you have the information about enemies' positions.

Sliding and killing

Slide F790_wm
Make good use of the new slide feature to catch your opponents off guard and kill them with style

With the new slide feature, you can totally take control of the battle and catch your opponent by surprise. In order to slide you need to hold the crouch button while running. The longer you hold the button, the farther you can slide. You can shot freely while you are sliding and kill your opponent while they are still adjusting their aim.

Make good use of TPP advantage

Unlike FPP you can check around conner can look behind covers in TPP. There are several dozen of places like that in The Ruins which allow you to kill a rushing player easily. But that applies to the enemy too so make sure you don't run straight to where enemies can just pop out and kill you. Always check conners and even prefire before you can even see anyone. Don't be afraid to waste bullets because I am pretty sure your HP is always going to go down to zero faster than your number of bullets.