PUBG Mobile's new update released last week brought many brand-new items and outfits. Especially in Royale Pass Season 10, players have chances to receive many eye-catching outfits, including the Unsleeping City and the Thorn Bramble. Have you got these appealing new PUBG Mobile outfits yet? Check out how these sets look and how to receive them.

New PUBG Mobile Outfits

The Thorn Bramble and the Unsleeping City are two brand new outfit sets in the Fury of The Wasteland. PUBG Mobile launched these two outfits as rewards in Premium Royale Pass on the day this new season began. As can be seen in the latest PUBG Mobile’s tweet, these sets look very eye-catchy, fancy, and also cool.

New Pubg Mobile Outfits In Royale Pass Season 10
New PUBG Mobile Outfits In Royale Pass Season 10

These two sets are available in Premium Royale Pass season 10. Thus, you need to spend UC to upgrade your RP. After completing a couple of days or challenge missions and reach premium RP level 1, you can receive Thorn Bramble Set. This outfit looks sexy and dynamic, suitable for the desert map with yellow color.

When reaching RP level 50, you can receive the Unsleeping City outfit. This outfit set has a fancy black coach and dark red pants. It makes your character look dynamic, cool, and vigorous, like an unsleeping city. You can check them out PUBG Mobile’s tweet as well as fans’ reactions to these catchy outfit sets.

Do You Like These New Pubg Mobile Outfit Sets
Do You Like These New PUBG Mobile Outfit Sets?

Royale Pass Season 10

In recent RP season 10, known as the Fury of The Wasteland, there are many new enhancements and new items. For example, Tencent added the Ruins in the Team Deathmatch mode, giving players more choices besides the existing Warehouse map. Additionally, a new gun MP5-K and vehicle are also added to the Vikendi map. You can also get an eagle companion on this snowy map.

In related events, PMCO South Asia Regional witnessed the excellent performance of two Indian teams Entity Gaming and SOUL. The other three Indian teams SynerGE, INS, and IND are going to compete with other Asian teams in Fall Prelims for three last slots in the Grand Finals in Malaysia. The Prelims stage takes place from Nov. 23 to 25 with 16 teams. And the Global Finals is held from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Team Soul Wins Pmco Regional Finals
Team Soul and Team Entity Gaming Win PMCO Regional Finals

Above is the brief review of the Unsleeping City and the Thorn Bramble sets. If you like them, try to unlock these new PUBG Mobile outfits within the Royale Pass Season 10 or never get them in your inventory.