PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 10 has come to Indian players since the previous week. This new PR season brought PUBG Mobile players lots of exciting items. Also, Lava Beret and Magnetic Soldier are two amazing sets of outfits introduced in this RP season. Have you got them? Let's check out these amazing new outfits in PUBG Mobile RP 10: Fury Of The Wasteland. 

The New Outfits in PUBG Mobile RP Season 10

Lava Beret and Magnetic Soldier sets were released on Nov. 9, 2019, on the first day of RP season 10. These glamorous outfits will be available to open until the end of PR season 10. Then, after Dec. 10, 2019, you cannot open it anymore. So, if you want to have these cool outfits to dress up in the Fury Of The Wasteland, try to unlock them.

Lava Beret Set In Pubg Mobile Rp Season 10
Lava Beret Set in PUBG Mobile RP Season 10

PUBG Mobile players can receive Lava Beret and Magnetic Soldier outfits when they reach RP level 100. However, it’s not available for Free Royale Pass. Thus, you need to upgrade your Royale Pass to premium RP to receive these rewards. Besides, you can receive many other decent rewards in premium Royale Pass. Of course, it costs you UC.

The exciting teaser of these two outfits was uploaded on Official social network accounts of PUBG Mobile. You can check the teaser and announcement out on PUBG Mobile’s official twitter as well as fans’ reactions to these new skins.

Pubg Mobiles Tweet On New Outfits
PUBG Mobile's Tweet On New Outfits

Related PUBG Mobile Events

In a related event, PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019 South Asia Regional Qualifier has just finished. Team Entity Gaming and Team SOUL excellently won the direct ticket to the PMCO grand finals in Malaysia. These two Indian teams will represent India to compete with 14 top teams from all over the world. The final stage will take place from Nov. 29 to Decem. 1 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Pubg Mobile Club Open India Finals
PUBG Mobile Club Open India Finals

Besides, Team Death Match's new map the Ruins also came in Royale Pass season 10 with lots of excitement. Also, PUBG Mobile players get new the new weapon MP5-K, vehicle Zima, and a companion in the Vikendi map in rank mode. You can check them out and enjoy the exciting in-game experience now.