Recent PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.5 has come with a lot of new things, including new the MP5-K SMG and new vehicle Zima in PUBG Mobile Vikendi map.

Tencent Games added tons of enhancements in their new update and Royale Pass Season 10 titled “Fury Of The Wasteland”. PUBG Mobile players can experience new weapons, vehicles, skins, and a new Team Death Match Map.

All About MP5-K SMG

MP5-K is a new portable sub-machine gun in the map Vikendi. This gun use 9mm ammo, so it replaces Vector, the existing SMG on this map. Hence, in Vikendi, you won’t see the sub-machine gun Vector any more. Although the shooting mechanics of MP5-K is not different from Vector much, it causes higher damage with a lower DPS and higher fire rate than Vector. In specific, MP5-K is a strong weapon with a damage point of 33 and damage per second of 495.

The Stats Of Mp5 K
The Stats Of MP5-K

Besides, its effective fire range is up to 100m and the rate of fire is up to 900 RPM. The muzzle velocity of MP5-K (380m/s) is pretty higher than the Vector (350m/s). Besides, MP5-K is very flexible with all three firing modes, including single shot, burst, and full-auto-firing. You can equip all attachments for this gun, such as stocks, scopes (up to 6x scope), magazines, grips, and muzzles.

MP5-K is an ideal weapon for short-range or medium-range combats. You can rend armor level 2 and kill enemies within only 0.322 seconds.

Mp5 K Sub Machine Gun
MP5K Sub-Machine Gun

All About Zima in PUBG Mobile Vikendi

Zima is a new vehicle in PUBG Mobile Vikendi replacing the existing armored UAZ. This durable and rugged car is a perfect vehicle for this snowy and rocky map. You can run over snowy slopes, slippery roads, and rush through snowy forests in Vikendi with your squad on this 4-seat car.

The health of this vehicle is 1800, and the normal speed is about 100 km/h. When you speed it up, it can reach 115 km/h. Like other vehicles in PUBG Mobile, Zima can be destroyed by gunfire and players can be killed when it explodes. However, it’s still an ideal vehicle for squads in the Vikendi map.

Pubg Mobiles New Vehicle Of Zima
PUBG Mobile's New Vehicle of ZIMA

These are two updates in the PUBG Mobile Vikendi map in the latest Royale Pass Season 10. Have you tried the new MP5-K and Zima yet? If not, try the new gun and vehicle now and get Chicken Dinner in this snowy map.