The 0.14.6 update of PUBG Mobile Lite brings players new vehicles, skins, outfits for Halloween and the new Winner Pass 6.

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The Winner Pass 6 is now available for players to get a Kar98 skin, a Motorcycle skin, and an outfit

The Winner Pass 6 is free for all players. By playing the game and complete missions in the Winner Pass 6, you can level it up and earn rewards at certain levels. You can also upgrade your Free Winner Pass 6 to the Elite version to receive rewards at every level. The Elite Pass also offers players some exclusive skins such as a Pumpkin Wizard suit, Streets of Volnova emote, Vampire skins for Motorbike, Kar98, and a Vampire suit.

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The Pumpkin Wizard Suit is one of many exclusive rewards in Elite Pass 6

You can unlock Elite Pass 6 using 280 BC, which you can earn back by leveling the Pass to LV 30 and save it to upgrade the Pass of the next Season. Winner Pass 6 lasts from November 1 to November 30.

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The Flamethrower is a great weapon against zombies

The update 0.14.6 also brings players a new game mode called Survive Till Dawn. In this mode, players will fight each other by day and fight zombies by night. Zombies are not so strong but there are lots of them, especially at the night. They will overrun you and your team if you are not well-prepared. That's why in this mode, players will get to use 2 new weapons, the Flamethrower and the M134 Minigun. Both of the guns have a huge bullet capacity, enough to defeat any horde of zombies that is chasing you. You can also take advantage of the Character System in this mode and suit up as Victor. Victor is a sub-machine guns expert, who has the passive ability to reduce the reload time of sub-machine guns.

This update also introduces a new shotgun called Sawed-off. It is a double barrel using 12 gauge ammo.