PUBG Mobile Lite has been pretty well received in India as of late. With this game, you can enjoy the core gameplay of PUBG Mobile with a low tier phone. PUBG Corp. has been catering for this version just as well as the normal version, with various new events and updates unique for PUBG Mobile Lite very frequently. The best part of this new event, Challenge Mission, is that all the skins earned would be permanent. The players would be well-compensated for all the efforts they have spent on completing the Challenge quests.

This set is actually amongst the best in all PUBG Mobile Lite sets. The best thing is that its free!

The reward would be this three-piece costume set, along with two crates. PUBG Mobile Lite has been pretty generous with its rewards, as the game is aimed at a pretty niche crowd, who are easily incited by free costumes. According to trusted sources, PUBG Mobile Lite is going global soon, as the developers have perfected the usual formula to ensure its financial success.

Survive till dawn is still online and ready for players to conquer

Meanwhile, the Survive till dawn Halloween is still available for the players to complete until 19/11/2019. In this mode, the players have to survive about three days while killing wave upon wave of zombies assaulting their position until they are evacuated.

Beat the zombie horde to unlock skins for two popular weapons

To get enough resources to beat this mode, the players would have to scrounge the sites for weapons and supplies. Two new exclusive Zombie mode weapons were also introduced: The M134 Minigun and Flamethrower, which would be able to make short work of the zombie horde. Players who manage to survive until the end of the match would get new achievements and goodies.

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