Tencent has decided to update PUBG Mobile Lite with a new event for this Halloween. The Survive Till Dawn is a time-limited Halloween mode, which would bring spooky zombie actions to the land of PUBG Mobile Lite so that players with lesser devices could also enjoy the festivities. Along with the event, the 0.14.6 patch also brought with it a lot of new elements, such as a brand new character system, main menu pages, new features in winter pass, video rewards, and more.

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Halloweeks finally hit PUBG Mobile Lite

According to Tencent, this update for PUBG Mobile Lite is currently going live in various regions worldwide. As of now, however, the Indian version of the game has yet to receive any update. About the Survive Till Dawn mode – It is pretty much identical to that of the normal PUBG Mobile game, in which you have to survive for three days while facing wave upon waves of zombies.

Flamethrower is a great weapon against the zombies

In this mode, players would have to scavenge the land for weapons and supplies before the legions of undead hit the town. Those who manage to evade certain death and survive until the end would get exclusive achievements and goodies. The Zombie mode has always been pretty popular in PUBG Mobile, partly due to how fun it is. Furthermore, by watching the videos available on the shop page, the player can earn various valuable rewards.

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The Minigun is a nice thing to have as well

About the open character system and the first playable character, Victor, the player can use him in the Survive Till Dawn mode. The character would provide you with a tactical advantage: the ability to reduce load time for SMGs. Weapon wise, this update adds a lot of useful gears to use in the Zombie mode, such as the M134 minigun that has a 200 rounds magazine, a Sawed-Off Shotgun, and finally, a flamethrower that has a massive range of ten meters. Another option named “quick entry” was also added to the main menu, which would allow players to pick amongst the recommended modes.

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