The Erangel 2.0 map was teased during the PUBG Mobile Club Open’s Spring finals. It is a newly remastered version of the current map. Based on the video showed by TS Jang, PUBG Corp’s lead producer, the second version of Erangel would be available for playtesting soon.

Based on some insider information, the release might occur in December. Taken from a video of popular leaker Mr. Ghost Gaming, the next map update is probably very near, as the video contains a promo of Erangel 2.0, in courtesy of PUBG Mobile developers. According to the guy, the December patch 0.16.0 would come along with the map upgrade. Before this, there would be another update, with the introduction of a new Team Deathmatch map along with the MPK5 SMG.

The texture of Erangel would be improved by a lot in the 2.0 version

The promo video contains footage of players coming down on Erangel 2.0. Overall, the map looks way more detailed than the previous version. The pine trees and mountain peaks look a little bit better, along with the usual tall grass in which players can hide inside while looking for enemies.

After that, the video cuts to an intense fight sequence in which a player is shooting at another player while driving a new variant of the buggy. Another combat scene was introduced afterward, with a squad trying to claim a supply crate while getting attacked by another group. The conflict escalates to vehicle warfare afterward.

Vehicle to vehicle combat between squads

The texture of items and details of the map definitely look way better. It is reported that PUBG Mobile developers have improved almost the entire library of assets. Take in mind that this is just a promo video and actual gameplay graphics might be different.

New skins and costumes

Another promo video also hinted about windows containing glass, similar to what was included in the PC version of PUBG. This would affect the gameplay of PUBG, as smashing the glass would create sound. The other stuff that was included in that video is the upcoming cosmetics for events, including Halloween.

For more information about the map, please checks out this post for details about Erangel 2.0.