Angad ‘The Exper1ment’ Singh Chahal has recently on the rise as a top English caster in the PUBG Mobile scene in India. Here we can hear about his story from a casual gamer to being a crucial part in every PUBG Mobile tournament.

Angad Singh Chahal has turned 29 this year. The man has joined the PUBG Mobile community since last year and been doing game casting in English. He is completing his Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS) while pursuing his hobby as a caster in PUBG Mobile.

The Exper1ment 01
Angad ‘The Exper1ment’ Singh Chahal started out as a gamer

A natural gamer from an early age

Being that experienced, Angad didn’t start out with mobile gaming. He grew up with casual games ever since his early childhood. Like everyone else, he started with a Play Station at the age of 9 or 10. In 2006, he took an interest in PC gaming as the cafe scene was huge at that time.

The Exper1ment 02
Angad got lots of opportunities to make new friends and partners in PUBG Mobile

Angad picked up Dota and Counter-Strike 1.6 with great enthusiasm, spending 10-12 hours playing in the cafe. He was spending time with his friends playing in a couple of local tournaments. Unfortunately, at the time, the competitive gaming scene was too weak to even be considered esports.

According to Angad, Youtube was booming at the time, bringing lots of interest in video games to the young generation of India. However, the growth of esports in India during the time of 2012 was still insufficient to create a scene.

A coincidence

Though Angad still followed the esports scene in India, he never quite made a comeback. Angad picked up PUBG Mobile just around season 2 when his friend suggested. It was even more addictive than he expected and Angad has stuck with PUBG Mobile ever since. He went by the name of The Exper1ment.

Angad started as a PUBG Mobile player in PMIS in 2018. However, that didn’t work out for him as a competitor. He tried it with Youtube as a streamer but was unable to find success. It seemed like the kind of content he delivered never matched what the audience expected.

An English PUBG Mobile caster in India

Though being one of the most prominent English casters for PUBG Mobile in India has its advantages, Angad shared that he also sometimes faced various obstacles. Most of the time, many people would prefer hearing the casting in Hindi rather than English. Obviously, watching their favorite game panning out with the hype and analysis from a caster in your mother tongue would be much better.

The Exper1ment 06
Sometimes, it is hard to satisfy everyone, and Angad decided to stick with what he loved most

Angad understands this yet he looks at the bigger picture. Many people in India don't speak Hindi at all and most Indians have a good grasp of English. It also comes from his personal interest as well. Angad ‘The Exper1ment’ Singh Chahal loves casting in English.

In the long run, Angad mentioned that he was open to many other games as well. CS:GO is one of his favorite game to watch and our English caster would definitely try it at some point in his career. Angad took that it would take deep knowledge to become a caster in each game. Once you have established yourself as one important figure in the scene, it would be much easier to choose which game you are interested in. However, if you have yet to get there, diversifying your competence in various games can increase your job opportunities.

The Exper1ment 01
Always open and ready for anything to come

Angad even gave an example of his friend - Bleh - who is primarily a Counter-Strike caster. However, Bleh when switching to PUBG Mobile had to dedicated time and effort to learn the game before he could work on being a professional caster for the most popular game in India.

A word for the wise

The Exper1ment 09
Some words of experience from a popular English caster in India

To end his story, Angad gave some advice to many people with a passion to become a caster.

First, knowledge is important, especially about the game. Second, Angad would like to emphasize that anyone who is looking to become a caster should know how to leave their own mark. Doing everything as a regular caster would do is fine, but that won't interest the audience enough. You need to add a unique perspective whenever possible. Lastly, self-improvement is important. You should spend time reflecting on your own performance to see where things have gone wrong and fix the mistakes.