India is one of the fastest-growing esports nations in the world. With PUBG Mobile being dominant in the country, the market for the competitive scene here is wide open for everyone. Realizing the potential of PUBG Mobile in India, an esports giant has entered the scene - Fnatic.

Top names in the scene

The esports giant Fnatic has assembled some of the best PUBG Mobile players in the Indian scene. Here are the 5 Indian PUBG Mobile players who will play under the black and orange jersey of Fnatic:

1 - Tanmay "Scout" Singh aka

2 - Paritosh "paritosh_plays" Sharma

3 - Ujwal "DreaM"

4 - Harpreet Singh "RonaK" Janjuha

5 - Mohammed Owais "Owais" Lakhani

Among them, Scout, RonaK, and Owais have spent time together in team SouL. Scout is among the best known PUBG Mobile players in the scene as he was most famous with team IND for his extraordinary talent as well as toxicity. With investment from a big international organization like Fnatic, will the squad achieve success?

This is not the first time a big esports organization has entered the market of esports in India. Earlier in June 2018, the Indian CS:GO scene witnessed a venture by an international organization - Optic. The team was named OpTic India - assembling top CS:GO players at the time like Agneya "Marzil" Koushik, Sabyasachi "Antidote" Bose. However, a scandalous incident happening during the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2018 saw the team falling apart. Due to the LAN cheating act of Nikhil "forsaken" Kumawat, the hope for the CS:GO Indian team was crushed. OpTic India disbanded shortly after.