The Milan PUBG Mobile tournament has concluded last Sunday with a convincing victory for Futbolist. The Turkish squad has won the Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open with €40,000 (₹30.8 LAKH) in prize money.

An International PUBG Mobile event

Vodafone 5g Esl Mobile Open 01
Unfortunately, Orange Rock Esports couldn't attend the international event

The Milan PUBG Mobile tournament initially featured 3 Indian teams: Synergy Gaming, Entity Gaming, and Orange Rock Esports. However, the visa issues and schedule conflict saw Orange Rock Esports missing out the tournament. Synergy Gaming had to play with one stand-in and Entity Gaming had to skip some matches in the PMCO Fall South Asia.

Vodafone 5g Esl Mobile Open 02
Luckily, Entity Gaming and Synergy Gaming could still solve the visa problem and attend the event

Regardless, both Synergy Gaming and Entity Gaming have come to Milan and represented India in an international PUBG Mobile event. It turned out quite a decent success for them, especially Entity Gaming. The blue jersey squad has managed edge out Istanbul Wild Cats and Fear The Flame in the last match and took the #4 placing.

Vodafone 5g Esl Mobile Open 03
Entity Gaming is ranked #4 with their great last match

However, Synergy Gaming did not have their day as they finished last in the tournament. Regardless, they got a consolation prize of €4,000 (₹3 LAKH) – still well worth the journey. It was a shame that Orange Rock Esports could not attend the event due to the issues with visa. If they could play in the tournament, maybe Indian teams could have had a higher placing in the tournament.

Vodafone 5g Esl Mobile Open 04
The event was a success for both organizers and attendants

The Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open acted as an Esports tournament to introduce the superiority of 5G technology with gaming. The tournament organizer partnered with Huawei to feature Huawei Mate 20X 5G smartphones throughout the tournament. It was quite a decent success for both players and organizers.