PUBG Mobile is nothing short of a revolution in the mobile gaming market of India. Never before has a game getting such attention in the country, with multiple huge tournaments held and an enormous fanbase.

In the past, the PC version of PUBG never gained any attention in India due to its relatively high hardware requirements. The mobile version of it is a different story, however, with multiple YouTubers, massive tournaments, and streamers making bank after only one year. While PUBG is at the top, suddenly out of nowhere, Activision announced Call of Duty Mobile.

Pubg 1280
PUBG Mobile is currently the king of mobile games in India

To be fair, the Call of Duty franchise has been on PC before, however, the extent of the gameplay was limited to only single player. With the new Call of Duty: Mobile, however, Activision would be introducing a full package containing the multiplayer experience. This article will be comparing the closed beta version of Call of Duty Mobile with PUBG Mobile

Game modes

There are five game modes in Call of Duty: Deathmatch, Free-for-all, Domination, Frontline, and Search and Destroy. They are generally focused on fast-paced actions, with instant infinite respawn while both teams trying to reach the score limit.

Call Of Duty Mobile Poster 1
Call of Duty Mobile has a faster pace, even in the Battle Royale mode

In comparison, PUBG Mobile’s game modes are slower, with War Mode being the only exception. While the Classic mode is PUBG’s main attraction, it could be a long-drawn-out battle that some people might not enjoy.

The battle royale mode in Call of Duty: Mobile is what Black Ops would be like if it was ported to mobile. There are custom classes, scorestreak perks, zombies, and more. It is rather different than PUBG’s style, with the main attraction being the classes.

Below is the official trailer for Call of Duty Mobile:


This part might be the biggest difference between the two games. While both of them are shooters, the guns, the damage, bullet travel speed, recoil and shooting styles are all different.

Akm Pubg
PUBG's guns have different statistics and quirk

Firstly, let’s talk about the most glaring difference: Call of Duty’s custom classes. Before joining every game, you can pick your own preferred loadout and character abilities. In PUBG Mobile you have to acquire the gun on the battlefield, which can be pretty tricky under circumstances.

Secondly, button layouts for actions such as movement, shooting and aiming are the same, more or less. However, there is an extra shooting mode in Call of Duty, with the gun automatically fires when the crosshair is on top of an enemy player.

Call Of Duty Mobile Settings
There are a lot of customizations to be done before a game of Call of Duty Mobile

Guns in Call of Duty are generally harder to control. Bullet drops are considerably higher and if you do not have a sniper rifle, it would be extremely hard to hit anything at long distances. The recoil of the guns is also much greater as well, with hip firing being really unreliable in close distances.

Maps and Graphics

Maxresdefault 3
Call of Duty Mobile has more detailed texture

Call of Duty Mobile has all the popular maps in previous titles, such as Nuketown, Crash, Hijack and Killhouse, with the unnamed Battle Royale map coming soon in a later update. PUBG Mobile has four maps, all intricately designed with four different themes.

Pubg Third Person3
PUBG Mobile has a higher system requirement while looking not as good

Overall, map design-wise, both games are excellent, with each map serving a different purpose. Graphically, however, there are quite a few differences. Call of Duty Mobile has better optimization, with a faster frame rate than PUBG Mobile on the same system. Its texture, details, and effects are way more detailed as well.


Maxresdefault 4
Two of the best FPS titles available on Mobile

Tencent, who is publishing both Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile, has done an excellent job. Call of Duty Mobile is definitely an impressive piece of technology, and in the future, with the addition of the Battle Royale mode, it might even be able to dethrone PUBG Mobile in India.

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