A complete guide for PUBG’s Sanhok map: tips, tricks and strategy about how to get a chicken dinner - including the best landing spots, where to get loots and where to get the good vehicles

Sanhok is a vastly different map comparing to Erangel or Miramar – it is much smaller, only a 4x4 square. With too many players crammed into that small space, people who are looking for a fight would find Sanhok right at home. Encounters would be very fast and brutal – including a surprisingly large number of players.

That beg the question: How to beat everyone on the Sanhok map and get the chicken dinner? Lucky for you, we have assembled a detailed guide, filled with useful tips and tricks that would definitely help you conquer the battlefield of Sanhok, one kill at a time.

Sanhok Map Guide 970x570
Sanhok, the smallest map in PUBG

Facts and Questions about Sanhok

Some trivia and small details about the map so that you could understand the basic of it before we get deeper into the strategies involved.

Sanhok’s release date was Friday 22nd June 2018.

Sanhok’s surface area is only 16 square kilometers, a 4x4 area. It is the smallest map in the game.

The smaller size of the battleground would cause players to feel claustrophobic. The induced paranoia would create faster and more brutal firefights that you could rarely enjoy in other maps.

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Welcome to Sanhok, an island in Southwest Asia

The first map in PUBG was made based on a real-world location: Thailand and Philippines. Excursions have been made to both locations to gather more details which would then be adapted into Sanhok.

Sanhok’s fights would not count in ranked matchmaking due to its uniqueness. Playing on Sanhok takes a vastly different set of skills than any other map – it would be unfair to count stats in Sanhok into the ranked matchmaking system.

The name of the map is made up by the Thai word for “fun” combined with the Filipino word for “chicken”!

The locations worth noticing in Sanhok

Below is the minimap for Sanhok, with all the locations marked. The island consists of temple ruins, military installments and rice fields.

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The map of Sanhok

Below is the detailed guide for all the loot locations on the map. As we get deeper into the strategy of the guide, the best locations would get a detailed description and tips.

All the locations that can be found on Sanhok:

Ban Tai, Bootcamp, Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Camp Charlie, Cave

Docks, Ha Tinh, Kampong, Khao, Lakawi, Mongnai

Na Kham, Pai Nan, Paradise Resort, Quarry

Sanhok Landmark Temple
The temple of Sanhok, filling with loots

Best locations for loots when you drop:

The RUINS in the southwestern island – the complex contains multiple floors full of items. It is one of the most popular spots in the early game – expect some company when you are at it.

BOOTCAMP has only one loot spot: the cache of weapons located at the middle of the main building. Due to the high concentration of the loot, only grab it when you are one of the firsts to be there.

PARADISE RESORT and THE THREE CAMPS (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) are relatively popular location – and for good reason. There are loots everywhere spread across the huge grounds of those locations. Some other relevant details: PARADISE RESORT has the same elevation level as RUINS, and all the loots in Charlie are located at the center of the camp.

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Dropping down into the jungle

The DOCKS in the south-eastern corner is somewhat less popular than the choices listed above, but can still yield some great weapons and equipment, including the exclusive weapon, QBZ95 assault rifle. You would have to be fast to grab it, however.

MOUNT TYNA is an unmarked location on the east side of CAMP ALPHA. There won’t be much loot there, which means there won’t be many enemies either. The mountain could be used as a great vantage point if the circle spawn close to it – you would gain a big advantage camping there.

PAI NAN – Located in the middle of the map, this location would be greatly contested in the early game. There is a trick that would enable you to snag some easy kills there: hide under the floorboards and shoot everyone who tries to pick up the weapons above.

Lastly, there are two places with really good loot that is often overlooked: Firstly, the small dock located in the northwestern area of TAT MOK. It has a decent amount of equipment and weapons for such a small area. The downside of landing on that location is you would be stranded on the far north of the map, outside of the first safe zone. That means you would have to complete your looting and moving out as soon as possible. Secondly, the hidden temple located in a cave south of the island would also be a good place to drop – if you can parachute inside.

Vehicles that can be used in Sanhok

There are four types of land vehicles and two water boats ready to be used on the map. Players are dropped into the map using the C-130 plane.

Below is a general list of all the vehicles that could be used on Sanhok, along with details about their carry capacity.

Motorcycle and Buggy: land vehicles that can carry 2 people

Pickup and Van: land vehicles that can carry 4 and 6 people respectively

PG-117 and Aquarail: Water-based boat that can carry 5 and 2 people respectively

Due to the smaller area, the use of vehicles should be carefully calculated. It is very common to give out your own location to the enemy by firing up the engine of a truck – the sound it makes would be impossible to conceal.

Below is a map with details about where those vehicles would spawn, with land vehicles in yellow and water vehicles in blue. However, you should not expect a vehicle to spawn at the same location every time: they should spawn around that general area, and sometime you would have to check a little in order to find them.

Where to get the vehicles

QBZ 95, the exclusive weapon of Sanhok map

This weapon is from Assault Rifle class which use 5.56mm rounds and its magazine could hold up to 30 of that. An extended magazine modification can be equipped to the weapon to boost that to 40.

It replaces the SCAR-L in the spawn pool, therefore, you will not find the SCAR-L anywhere on the map

The QBZ 95 will be spawned as floor loot and Supply Crates drop. It is also one of the best rifles on the map, is designed exclusively for Sanhok. From what info we have gathered, the QBZ 95 is really strong and is one of the few weapons that you should prioritize to pick up.

70 1
The OP weapon, QBZ 75

Tips, tricks and Strategy guide for Sanhok

Common hiding spots in Sanhok:

These are some of the most effective hiding spots on the map that could be used to your advantage:

The clusters of huts close to the towns. Those are great places to watch out for incoming enemies – they would often pass the huts to get to the more promising town and this is where you come in to snipe them behind their backs.

Hide behind big rocks, trees or thick bushes. If you want to infiltrate an area, it is best to hide inside something near and scout it out first for any enemies lurking near. It is even better if you have a camouflage suit.

Lurk in the Ruins. It is a complicated maze-like structure that would confuse enemies trying to explore it. You would be able to get the drop on them easier because of that.

Top of houses is good spots as well since you would be able to hear enemy steps if they attempt to go up the stairs.

1 19
Approaching a town carefully

Below are some of the best tips and tricks that would help you in beating Sanhok

Being a smaller map, staying incognito is much harder in Sanhok comparing to Vikendi or Erangel. Therefore, a silencer is a very important item to acquire. As mentioned above, any sounds made in Sanhok could give away your position and lead to an early defeat.

Constantly stay on the move is very important and so is being proactive. Other strategies like camping in a building is not a good strategy in Sanhok mainly due to its difficult terrains. A lot of buildings are surrounded by hills and with your visions obstructed by them, staying in place would make you a sitting duck for the enemy to pick off.

Make sure that you are in a safe location before trying to heal – as Sanhok is a small map, it is very possible that you have not shaken off your tail yet. Always being aware of your surrounding is the best way to avoid getting flanked while healing.

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Hide behind a rock to pick off people

You will be fighting off waves and waves of enemies, so only being good at stealth is not enough to win. Sanhok is the best map to practice peeking since you and your opponents would be hiding behind trees a lot more than usual.

Assault Rifles and Snipers are the preferred loadouts in Sanhok. There isn’t much to be improved in this setup – however, you have to be more careful about the sounds those weapons would make.

The zone that you started from is not as important in Sanhok comparing to the other maps in PUBG due to the map’s reduced size. You are going to encounter players early on no matter where you land, so its best to prepare yourself for it. Loots are generally distributed very equally on most locations so sometimes you can just randomly pick a location with a few building and drop.

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An amphibious assault from the water

Never assume that you are going to land alone. People might have jumped out way before you – but that does not mean they would not head right after where you are at. Some people just change their mind midway as they glide to another location – prepare for trouble, always.

Another new feature introduced in Sanhok is the dynamic weather system: as the match progress, the players might be able to experience a lot of weather types. They can range from sunshine with clear skies to dense fogs that hid everyone from view. However, the usual mode is humid and rain.

When moving through a fogged area, consider running quickly between the trees so that enemy snipers would have a harder time noticing you. However, that same strategy is a bad idea when raining because sprinting would make a lot of splashing noises that you would want to avoid.

At this point in the guide, you probably already know that there would be a lot of enemies to be fought off right after landing. We cannot stress this enough – it is vital that you be aware of your surroundings in Sanhok. Take note of your enemies’ expected location and your own so that you can plan out either an ambush or a quick retreat.

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Beware the sudden fog

Also, every disadvantage above could be in turn taken advantage of by you yourself. Listen carefully to your headphones and try to catch any audio clues. It is one of the most difficult skills to learn in PUBG. If you are good at sniffing out those clues, avoiding getting jumped and setting up ambushes would be child’s play.

According to these aforementioned guides, the use of vehicles is not recommended in this map, however, you can still turn even that into your advantage. Crash your car into the loot spot then hide somewhere nearby. From your hiding spot, you could camp to pick up anyone who tries to get near for the loot.

A supply drop is pretty much guaranteed if you got your hand on a flare gun… in Erangel or Miramar, that is. On Sanhok, you will be facing a lot more enemies when trying to approach the cache. The smaller size of the map is again in play – bagging yourself some OP items has never been this hard.

Download 5
Be careful with the sound your vehicles made

Using a smoke grenade to confuse your fogged enemy is sometimes really effective. The smoke would work as a diversion, tricking enemies that your location is where the fog is densest while you crawl up to them for a surprise flank attack.

Lastly, about SMG – in the right hand, those weapons can still be useful due to the map size and the unavoidable close to medium range fights that you are going to get into

We hope these tips would get you to your deserved Chicken dinner victory. Good luck and have fun, gamers.