Tencent’s PUBG Mobile is currently on the ninth season of Royale Pass. The developers have been working constantly to create new modes and gaming elements to improve the game. The theme of this season is about warriors and their journey, and because of that, all the cosmetics and accessories released along with the pass have been following the same theme. Recently, PUBG Mobile had announced about a new warrior archetype event through its official twitter handle.

Tencent Games surprised everyone by rolling out not one, but two warrior archetype sets. The first one is called "the Honorable Warrior Set" and the second one is called "the Feudal Lord Set".

How to join the Warrior draw

On PUBG Mobile’s main interface home page, there would be a horizontal scrolling section beside the gift box icon on the bottom right. The Draw page for the Warrior Sets would be on it.

The Honorable Warrior Set contains themed cosmetics for every slot, plus M762 and S1897 gun skins. Additionally, players also get 30 Silver Fragments, 15 Premium Crate coupons and 10 Classic Crate coupons.

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The Honorable Warrior Set

Below is a preview video for the set. The UC costs for the first ten draws are 40 UC, 60 UC, 100 UC, 210 UC, 360 UC, 600 UC, 900 UC, 1200 UC, 1500 UC, and 1800 UC respectively.

The Feudal Lord Set would include Honor Red themed gears for every slot, plus a cosmetic for the M16A4. The lucky draw for this set also contains the same amount of fragments and coupons as the previously mentioned set.

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The Feudal Lord Set

Below is a preview video for the set. The UC costs for the first ten draws are 60 UC, 90 UC, 150 UC, 300 UC, 600 UC, 960 UC, 1440 UC,1980 UC, 2880 UC, and 3960 UC respectively.

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