Entity Gaming has announced on Facebook that their PUBG Mobile team is not missing out on the Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open. The PUBG Mobile tournament will take place in Milan, with the total prize pool of €120,000 (₹9.3 Crore). Although the team had problems with visa earlier, joined by schedule conflicts with the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers, the Entity Gaming squad has managed to sort it out.

A positive attitude

It is also confirmed that, in order to participate in the LAN, Entity Gaming will have to sacrifice a few games in the South Asia Qualifier group stage. This also means the problem with schedule conflicts is still there. Although this appears to be a concern, Entity players believe that they can earn sufficient points to move on in the Qualifier, if they can deliver high-quality performance in the initial days.

The Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open is tempting with its enormous prize pool

Please note that 24 out of 32 teams shall proceed to the semi-finals, so there are clearly more than enough chances for Entity to take. In fact, their excellent Day 1 performance has shown that they are already heading their ways to the next stage.

The very same cases

On the other hand, another team with visa and schedule conflict problems - the Orange Rock Esports has yet to announce anything about their decision. The orange jersey squad faces the exact problem as Entity Gaming: securing a visa to Italia and schedules conflict with the Asia Qualifiers.

Pubg Mobile 01
Visa has once again become a problem for Orange Rock Esports

On the Synergy side, it is confirmed that they have had the popular streamer Gunshot to replace one of their players, whose visa has been denied, in case they decide to attend the Milan event.

To quit it or to attend it, it is a decision that requires heavy consideration. Entity Gaming accepted the risk and chose their path. Now it’s Orange Rock Esports' turn to show up. Announcements regarding the Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open will come at any moment. Until then, let’s just wait and check how these teams are doing in the South Asia Qualifiers.