The PMIT Grand Finals, the last two days of PMIT, has ended. We have finally determined which team is the champion and take home Rs 50 lakh. It was team Revenge Esports. They were only second to Orange Rock Esports on the first day, but Orange Rock Esports couldn't keep up with the pace and let the chance slipped on the last day. Orange Rock Esports took the second position in the end with Rs 20 lakh, followed by Team INS in the third position with Rs 10 lakh.

Grand Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour
Revenge Esports is the champion of PMIT Grand Finals

Day 1

Match 1 (Erangel TPP)

Grand Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour
Match 1 Standings

As the plane in this match took an odd route from Mylta Power to Quarry, most teams landed in small loot spots along the flight route. Unfortunately, the first safe zone was also in a weird position and caused a hard time for teams laned on the West side of the map a tough time.

Grand Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour
The flight route and the first safe zone was in a bad position

In the final circle, we witnessed an intensive fight between 8bit and Orange Rock. Orange Rock got the Chicken Dinner in the end with 13 kills and 38 points.

Match 2 (Miramar FPP)

Grand Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour
Match 2 Standings

This match started early with some huge fights between the teams. Miramar is a huge map that benefits sniper rifles a lot so we got to see some beautiful long-range AWP kill by Ash Gamer from GE clan.

This time, Revenge Esports has taken their revenge and secured the Chicken Dinner with 11 kills and 36 points. Meanwhile, Orange Rock didn't win but still got themselves into a good spot with 10 kills in the 5th position.

Match 3 (Sanhok TPP)

Grand Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour
Match 3 Standings

Team All Stars took first place with 12 kills and 37 points. Meanwhile,  Revenge Esports and 8BitRampage stayed at the bottom in the 18th and 20th position. 8BitRampage got a big zero which hurt their position a lot. Team Orange Rock still managed not to get eliminated too soon and as a result, stayed in the first position overall.

Match 4 (Vikendi TPP)

Grand Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour
Match 4 Standings

Match 4 on Vikendi saw the dominance of Rising Hydra and TeamGE with 10 kills and 14 kills respectively. While TeamGE had more kill, Rising Hydra was the one that got the Chicken Dinner, drawing them 35 points in total, 1 more point than TeamGE. Orange Rock maintained their overall lead thanks to their 3rd position this match.

Match 5 (Erangle FPP)

Grand Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour
Match 5 Standings

Revenge Esports once again got a Chicken Dinner, but they only got 7 kills and 32 points so Team INS and Team All Stars were right behind them with 30 points each. Even with 2 Chicken Dinner, just 32 points were not enough for Revenge Esports to catch up with Orange Rock at the end of Day 1.

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Day 1 Overall Standings

Orange Rock never got themselves lower than the 8th position throughout the day with an average of 8-10 kill each match and they were rewarded for their consistency with the top spot after Day 1.

Day 2

Match 6 (Erangel FPP)

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Match 6 Standings

Orange Rock started the first match of Day 2 with a Chicken Dinner for their own with 12 kills and 33 points. Further extending their lead. Team INS was back on their feet after a no-so-good first day with the second position with 12 kills and 32 points. Orange Rock had such a fantastic end game playing style that it was just so hard to win a Squad fight vs them.

Revenge Esports started the day with 22 points, not a bad one, but definitely not great if they were aiming for the championship.

Match 7 (Miramar TPP)

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Match 7 Standings

Revenge Esports understood that they need to win in order to have any chance to put their hands on the crown. They did it this time, taking away the Chicken Dinner with 12 kills and 37 points. ClutchGod was the MVP of the team by taking down Team Titan all by himself.

With this win, Revenge Esports was coming very close to Orange Rock with a small gap of 3 points. Meanwhile, Team INS at the third position only had 124 points, 36 points lower than Revenge Esports. It was clear from this moment that the real fight for the championship was between Revenge Esports and Orange Rock.

Match 8 (Sanhok FPP)

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Match 8 Standings

8BitRampage got their first Chicken Dinner ever in the Grand Finals this match with a crazy number of 16 kills and 41 points. But that is not the spotlight of this match. Revenge Esports finished this match in the second position in the second position with 17 kills 35 points while Orange Rock was eliminated early with only 2 kills. One little mistake and Revenge Esports was ahead of them 28 points, even though Orange Rock has always in the 1st position from the start.

8BitRampgae also rushed into the 3rd position thanks to this glorious win of them.

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Overall standings after match 8

Match 9 (Vikendi TPP)

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Match 9 Standings

After the victory in the last match, 8BitRampage turned out the be the one who got eliminated first this match, along with Rising Hydra and Revenge Esport. Team All Stars took the stage in Vikendi with 12 kills and 37 points in total.

Luckily for Revenge Esports, Orange Rock didn't do very well themselves with only 12 points so Revenge Esports was still able to maintain a healthy gap of 18 points.

Match 10 (Erangel FPP)

With such a huge gap in points, Orange Rock had no other choice but to play aggressively to earn as many points as possible. They played great and got to the final circle, but only got 17 points, ending up with 196 points in total. Rising Hydra was the winner of the last match.

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Overall standings PMIT Grand Finals

The results were close, but only the best team can become the winner. Revenge Esports has proved themselves and became the champion of the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in India.

Revenge Esports also got Rs 200,000 for being The Exterminators - Squad with the most kills and The Grenadiers - Squad with the most grenade kills.

8BitRampgage got Rs 600,000 for People's Choice Award.

8bit.Gill got Rs 100,000 for himself for being The Chosen One - Most MVP's and The Annihilator - Most Damage.

INS.JokerFTW was the Headshot Expert - Most headshots with Rs 50,000.

TT.Snowftw was The Wanderer - Most distance covered on foot with Rs 50,000.