The 0.15.0 update has come to PUBG Mobile a few days ago with a great feature from PUBG PC called Ledge Grab. This new feature allows you to grab onto something in midair, enabling new gameplay and possibilities. That being said, all PUBG Mobile maps are pretty big so it is hard for one person to find out about all the cool spots they can reach with Ledge Grab. With that in mind, Tencent Community Team decided to hold a Hanging Around Community Event.


In this event, they ask participants to "submit a screenshot of their most interesting or useful place they have used the Ledge Grab" and share it with everyone.

This event will last from October 17 to October 31. Anyone can join this event, all they have to do is post their picture on their Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram with the #HangingAroundPUBGM hashtag.


Android And Apple Gift Card
10 people who participate will win a $25 Google Play or $25 Apple App Store gift card

Winners will be picked randomly among people who participate. There will be a total of 10 winners and the prize is a $25 Google Play or $25 Apple Appstore gift card.


Share with the community your best moment with Ledge Grab on social media with  the #HangingAroundPUBGM hashtag

These are rules that you need to remember so you don't miss the prize:

  • Your post must have the #HangingAroundPUBGM hashtag and is set to Public.
  • You must post it on your own profile, not on the Official Facebook Page or Group.
  • One person can only have 1 entry at a time. Having multiple posts will not increase the entry count.
  • Winners can only receive the reward once.

You have a good moment you want to share with everyone or you want to find more good places to reach with Ledge Grab? This event is the perfect chance for you.