We have revealed all the details about the upcoming 0.15.0 update, but here are what PUBG Mobile is going to bring us next after that. According to sources, we will have a new mode called Domination, a new weapon called P90 and a new action that allows players to slide on the ground for a short distance.

Domination mode

If you have played Call of Duty before, you might be familiar with this mode. This mode will be played on a separated map called Small Town. The main objective in this mode is to capture all the control points on the map. There are 8 players divided into 2 teams in one match.

There is a total of 3 points around the map key strategic locations. In order to capture a point, players need to stand near it for some time while there is no enemy around. Here is the map of this new mode.

New Map And Features Coming In Pubg Mobile Erangel
You can see 3 capture points A, B, C on the map

The bar on the top of your screen will indicate the progression of both teams of a Point on the map so you can change your strategy accordingly.

The bar on the top show you which team is capturing the Point

New weapon P90

Coming along with the new mode is a new SMG called P90. The P90 has a large magazine of 50 bullets with slots for scopes, a compensator, and laser sights. The P90 can equip any scope except for 8x scope.

Pubg Mobile Upcoming Next Update New Map New Guns
There will be a new SMG called P90

New action: Slide

You want to run to another cover but afraid that your enemies will shot you down while you are running. This is the solution. You will be able to slide on the ground for a short distance by using this function.

Pubg Mobile Upcoming Next Update New Map New Guns
Get yourself to a safe position or surprise your enemy with this function