The popularity of Tencent’s best Mobile title PUBG Mobile has been on the rise every passing day. However, that also leads to an increase in the number of hackers and cheaters in-game. Luckily, PUBG Mobile’s dev brings out the ban waves quite often – and with a report, you can identify the hackers and cheaters so that the system could get to them.

In this guide, we would be talking about the usual way that cheaters would conduct themselves inside the game and how to be sure that a suspicious player is a cheater.

They have abnormally high resilience

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Unlimited health hack is pretty common, as the one using it is guaranteed to get a chicken dinner

When a player is getting shot multiple times on vulnerable spots like head or torso and still walking around, it is possible that they are using a cheat to protect themselves from dying. It is just impossible for a player, regardless of armor, to survive too much damage. So if you emptied a clip and still not able to kill a player at close range, chances that they are using the kill hack. It would be ideal to try taking some more shots to be sure.

They can see through walls

The usual wallhacks in PUBG Mobile. Some hacks also calculate the distance from the hacker to the targets

Wall hackers are rather common, for that is the hardest type of hacks to detect. These people use patches and third parties software to tweak the properties of in-game walls so that they can see or even shoot past those. If you see one of your teammates predicting the exact location of an opponent without any information available on the mini-map and no footsteps heard, it is most likely that they are hacking – as there are no chances for them to know beforehand. If you get shot while hiding behind walls or inside a building, or the opponent immediately heads to wherever you are camping, it is very likely that the opponent is a hacker. You would need to confirm this by checking the reviews of the kill in arcade mode.

How they pull off kills

A lot of hacks can only be run on an emulator. Aimbot is also pretty common

Hackers can always pull off a tough kill using any weapon. If you spot a player scoring a kill from a rather long distance using a gun that’s not suited for the situation (like sniping with an SMG) with no attachments, it is probably safe to assume that player is a hacker. Take a gander at their killstreak as well – usually, those are incredibly high.

The hackers move very quickly

Speed hackers are the most obvious type of hack and can be very easily identified. They move much faster than the usual player and this would give them an unfair advantage in most situations. It is easier to spot teammates who are using this hack because their movement can be tracked easily on the map. During gameplay, if you notice any of your teammates getting to the safe zone way faster than normal, it is very likely that the guy is a speed hacker.

Maxresdefault 1
If you find yourself suddenly killed with a melee weapon or the enemy teleported inside the safe zone, it is likely to be speed hack.

Beside those type of hacks, the third-party software the hacker use can also affect vehicles, parachute and highlight every enemies and item nearby. If the hacker is cautious, the chance for detection is slim. Not to mention the inclusion of Aimbots, which is pretty much impossible to discern.

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