In PUBG Mobile, the best starting locations for a match are always going to depend on the specific circumstances at hand – and your playstyle. In order to maximize your chances of winning, there are a few things you should always calculate ahead: loot, cover, and an easy road to the safe zone. This guide would cover some of the best location to start in Miramar.

The best starting locations:


1200px Miramar San Martin 2
Hacienda is a small location and can be cleared out rather fast

This is Miramar’s version of Erangel’s School, a.k.a a small complex filled to the brim with good gears and enemies. You can always expect an ambush there, even if the path of the plane was not near it, and you got to the place as fast as possible. Your job when landing here is to survive the inevitable shootout. After that, you would definitely be one of the most powerful players on the map.


1200px Miramar 2
The prison, one of the biggest compound on the map

Similar to Hacienda, this place probably has the best loot in Miramar. However, the Prison is way less popular due to its remote location, in the corner of the map. The best time to land there is when the plane path is a little bit far away, but still in the distance of parachute and a few minutes of driving. That way you would get enough time to both loots the place and immediately retreat for the safe zone right after.


1200px Miramar Pecado
The town of Pecado, with its main attraction, the Casino

The Pecado Casino is a little bit similar to the Hospital in Erangel. Both are single big building that contains great weapons and gears. It is located in the center of the map so you can always reach it using the parachute, however, expect a shootout as soon as you land because that place is packed.


Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Pubg Mapa De
A rather small and often underestimated location

A lesser-known place that is hardly noticed, Ladrillera can provide enough equipment for two players. It is very dependent on RNG, however. Sometimes there would be an M416, helmet, and level 2 armor and sometimes you would get Winchesters. This location is on the edge of parachute distance, therefore, it is very quiet. Furthermore, after clear out Ladrillera, you can proceed to infiltrate some nearby towns and warehouses if needed.

Military Camp

Pubg Mobile Miramar Campo Militar
The gate of the Military Camp

This location is on the top-right of the map, rarely in the drop range. Another risk when landing on this facility is that more often than not you would be stranded far away from the safe zone. However, just like the Military Base in Erangel, it is full of amazing drops. The Military camp is best for squad mode in which you are able to spread out to cover everything.

Minas Generales

Hitting the Minas Generales would be a great idea, as it is generally deserted most of the time

Similar to Ladrillera, this location is one of the more overlooked spots in Miramar. The reason behind that is its placement on the map. Players that parachute on the vicinity would often be drawn to big areas like Hacienda and Pecado. In the Minas Generales, you would find a lot of level 2 gears inside the big machinery structure, along with various miscellaneous items. This location is good for squad mode too, as it is rather spread out. After clearing out this place, you can hit the Graveyard next for further looting, if needed.

After you have picked a location, it is time to jump out of the plane and get to it. Below is our strategy to calculate the most effective way to get to the site on time without getting killed in the process.

Tips and tricks for landing on the map:

On Miramar, it is best that you spend some extra time to navigate around. Vehicles on this map are rather hard to find, and driving off-road is much harder compared to places like Erangel. You can suddenly find yourself stuck on some bumpy, awkward terrains.

Getting a car to cruise around is pretty important in Miramar

There are ways to make use of the terrain, however, as they are great covers when you are running on foot or driving between. Avoid crossing open areas on foot.

Try to get familiar with the 1-2 kilometers/squares – the maximum distance that you can get by gliding away from the flight path. Lining up the wing of the plane with the location you want to reach. Jump out when they are perfectly in line with each other.

To get max distance immediately, gliding upwards while looking straight at the horizon. You also get a speed boost to your parachuting if it was opened when you are at maximum speed. Looking directly down when landing for the maximum speed possible.

Parachuting down is not that simple

When your parachute opens, you can still manipulate the speed by swing around – with that action, you would be able to go further without the help of the glider.

One useful tactic when landing on a vehicle early is that you can just drive to a loot heavy location on the corner of the map (away from the hot zones). Using that, you would have a good few minutes to loot, as it takes about five minutes for the first blue circle to spawn, plus a couple more for it to reach the safe location. Always check the timer bar regularly to calculate the time you have left for looting.

Miramar Unique vehicles and weapons:

In Miramar, the Pickup will replace the UAZ, with both Open and Closed Top variant.

Sawed Off Shotgun
The Sawed-Off, the unique weapon on Miramar

Other unique vehicles for this map are the 6 seaters Van and the muscle car Mirado.

1200px Mirado
The muscle car Mirado, which can be found only on this map

About unique weapons, in this map, the R45 replaces the R1895. The two other unique guns are the Win94 (a weaker sniper rifle that cannot be equipped with a scope) and the Sawed-Off (a shotgun that can be equipped using the sidearm slot).

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