Call of Duty: Mobile is finally available to all Android and iOS users in India. While also have a Battle Royale Mode like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty’s shooting style was brought straight from its PC version. This article below would list out some of the best features that Call of Duty has over PUBG Mobile.

The New Player Tutorial

Cod Mobile 1 Bchr
The multiplayer loadout in Call of Duty Mobile

You are provided with a detailed walkthrough immediately after the game starts. In this session, the game would explain all about the essentials of COD, such as the controls, gaming modes, and loadouts. It is pretty easy to get used to this if you have played Call of Duty on desktop.

The loadout screen and modes

Cod Mobile 46xa
There are a lot of modes for players to choose from

In Call of Duty, you get to choose a loadout before the start of a match instead of having to gather weapons. With this, you can mix and match to custom an arsenal that is best suited for your playstyle. Apart from the Battle Royale Mode, there are five other modes available for players to enjoy, with various different objectives:

Team Deathmatch: Spawn randomly on the map in a chaotic brawl – the first team to reach the score limit would win the match.

Frontline: This mode is Team Deathmatch with a twist. The players always spawn inside the base and they have to get to the frontline as fast as possible.

Domination: In this mode, you and your team would have to capture objectives on the map and hold them to gain points over time. The first team to reach the score limit would win.

Search & Destroy: In this mode, you would have to work together to either destroy or protect an object. This mode is round-based and players cannot respawn.

Free-for-All: A Deathmatch mode, in which points are awarded for each kill. The players with the highest points when time runs out is the victor.

How many maps are available?

Cod Mobile Maps 2qah 1
The number of maps available is insane

All Classic COD maps like Nuketown, Crash, Hijacked, Crossfire, Standoff, Crash, and Killhouse are available for players to enjoy right from the start, with even more updates as time goes on. For the Battle Royale mode, however, currently, there is only one map called Isolated.

What are the changes in the Battle Royale Formula?

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Diving down in a glide suit instead of a parachute

The Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty Mobile is actually really good. For a player who comes from PUBG Mobile, the gaming experience feels much more real and dynamic. Graphics are better overall, with detailed guns, characters, vehicles, and structures. The weapon effects and sounds are also much more improved comparing to the PUBG Mobile version. Players from PUBG would not feel too out of place, as the core gameplay stays the same. You drop out of a helicopter, parachute your way to a location on the map, gather weapons, ammo, gears, and health kits then proceed to shoot your way to be the last man standing.

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Vehicles in Call of Duty Mobile are way more dangerous

Gameplay-wise, the Class system is probably the biggest change in the Battle Royale formula. While playing as a squad of four in Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale mode, the players would get to pick a role for their character. There are a lot of interesting classes like Medic, Mechanic or even Clown. Each class has their own special skills and abilities.

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Various high tech weapons like the drones are available

Furthermore, the physics of this game is much more realistic than what we get in PUBG Mobile – you can enjoy it in both First-person perspective and Third-person perspective. The improvements in graphics are more visible in smaller multiplayer maps, as those are more detailed.

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The final killcam is actually one of the best features

Another feature that needs to be mentioned is the Score Streak. As you improve your killstreaks, more advanced weaponry would be made available at your disposal. Drones, missiles, airdrops… you name it. They also added the Final Killcam into Call of Duty Mobile: the final confrontation of the round would be displayed in slow-motion

Final Verdict

All in all, Call of Duty Mobile is a solid game that is definitely an improvement over what PUBG has to offer. The graphics and optimizations are better and there are more tactical options, modes, and maps. The depth of the game also gets improved massively with the introduction of the class system and weapons other than guns. Call of Duty Mobile’s realistic military-style approach to the Battle Royale formula has created a great game.

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