Activision has just released a new trailer for the modern warfare version of Call of Duty, giving us the best look yet at the new Call of Duty main campaign. The trailer was originally leaked on Reddit, and after that, it was released officially alongside Sony’s State of Play announcement. The video shows us a closer look at Captain Price’s attempts to change between two factions in a civil war. As expected, his actions were in vain and the situation immediately gets out of control. Below is the official video from the YouTube channel of the game.

Based on the trailer, we already have a decent idea of what is going to happen: Price and his comrades will team up with the army and the local ULF to recover every single cache of the stolen dangerous weapons. There will be various battles in both Europe and the Middle East, along with many other locations across the globe.

Captain Price makes his debut

Along with the trailer, Activision also announced a pre-order bonus for the game. Early birds will get the XRK item pack, which contains an M4 AR rifle and XRK .357 pistol.

There will be campaign levels in Europe and the Middle East

In this campaign, we will be returning to the modern setting that made this series famous. Furthermore, the gameplay is going to be very realistic. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is going to be a remake, with recognizable characters participate in actions not related to the previous continuity. The length of the campaign is expected to be similar to the usual Call of Duty experience. Currently, there is no information available about the exact length.

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