Infinity Ward has announced a new mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s beta: Ground War. The mode would be two massive teams of 32 people each clashing against each other in a giant open map. The game will enter open beta on Saturday, September 21st, on all platforms. The new mode will take place on a new map named Karst River Quarry.

Modern Warfare Mp3
There would be a lot of smaller size skirmishes

The new game mode will be different to everything ever released in the franchise, with skirmishes in a massive downtown city environment, with skyscrapers and the like. The environments and map designs would be improved so that even a large number of players would not make the map feel cramped.

The mode is currently set at 64 players with 32 on each side, however, the dev team in Activision are hinting for larger counts updates. In a multiplayer gameplay premiere, a spokesperson for the company has disclosed about a “100 players mode”. This 64 ground war mode is probably Activision testing the water.

Modern Warfare Mp 2060x1159
Take over a location then create a defense line would be a strategy in this mode

In this mode, the player will not be fixed into a single class like in Battlefield – they can make use of their preferred loadouts from “Create-a-class” from other modes and switching mid-matches. Based on the information provided, looks like Ground War would be a spectacular action-packed mode – a unique experience in an already large title.

The objective in Ground War would be similar to a battle of domination, in which there are five strategic points for players to capture – on a titanic battlefield. Choppers and APCs would be common sights, as players converged into areas, forming defense and offense lines around strategic locations.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 6
Going lone wolf is not recommended as there are too many enemies to count

What’s more, the gameplay will be paired with Call of Duty’s classic gameplay elements, such as killstreaks, load-outs, and gunplay. The combination would definitely result in a highly unique experience for both fans of the series and newbies.

The game will be released on October 25th. For more information about this game, check out this article from our site.