If somebody asks members of Call of Duty "Which is the best weapon in your community?", most will quickly answer that there is no one. Instead, there will be the strongest weapons, among others. This rank is listed depending on their unlock style, fire rate, bullet damage, magazine size. 

So today, we will find out the top 10 strongest weapons ranked in Call Of Duty. Let's scroll down for more detail!

1. Model 1887 Akimbo - Modern Warfare 2

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Model 1887 Akimbo

It provides a shotgun with an insane effective range. There are two options for users to use this weapon. The first one is firing one at a time to double its fire rate. The second one is using a simultaneous trigger pull to double its punch. This is applied for targets at ranges exceeding its capability of one-shot killing.

2. FMG 9 Akimbo - Modern Warfare 3 

The dual wield FMG 9 in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a machine pistol which doesn't require you to aim or use particular strategies. Your task is simply putting the targets somewhere in front of you and walking towards them while dispensing amounts of face-melting lead.

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FMG 9 Akimbo

FMG 9 has high bullet damage, large magazine size. Its high fire rate doubled from its hip will build an utterly impenetrable storm of bullets. This was proved with numerous game-ending MOAB detonations.

3. M16A4 - Modern Warfare 

The M16 is an assault rifle which is famed for its most definitive entry in the series of Call of Duty. It owns a legendary show stopper allowing you to fire three shots.

This weapon is capable of beating its opponents with a single, well-placed explosive shot to 42 meters. Overall, this weapon comes with low recoil, a high fire rate, and medium damage.

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In particular, its upgraded version with Stopping Power can practically remove that range restriction entirely. Moreover, it can also be equipped with the dreaded noob tube.

4. Auger DMR - Black Ops 4

The Auger DMR is though known as a tactical rifle, which is the first unlocked one in the game, can completely demolish at all ranges with the proper optics.

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Auger DMR

With the combination of its moderate recoil & the essential Double Tap (operator mod), nobody can beat a skilled handler so long as they are landing shots. However, the only real downside of the Auger DMR is its high dependence on exact shooting. 

5. Bar - WWII

Though it is not too successful shortly after launch, WWII's Bar still finally wins as one of the strongest assault rifles nowadays. 

Screenshot 2
Bar - WWII

Before becoming a nerf, the Bar was practically a flawless weapon with incredible damage, a quite good range, smooth recoil, and a good fire rate in comparison to others in its class.

6. Vesper - Black Ops 3

Although the Vesper has the lowest bullet damage in its class, it brings you an unbelievable fire rate at 1,200 RPM. 

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Vesper in Black Ops 3

This weapon ranks for the range from medium & on. However, with the fast-paced & movement-heavy gameplay of Black Ops 3, a short-range weapon which completely melts everything like Vesper will be more suitable.

7. Galil - Black Ops

Though the Galil might be quite slow in taking down the targets, it still brings you other advantages, which make it a popular option among top players. 

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Galil in Black Ops

The Galil has accurate & clean iron sights, and its recoil can be managed easily. However, its most outstanding feature is its extended magazine size of 50 rounds per clip and dual magazines of over 200 rounds. This makes it have a larger ammunition pool in comparison to other automatic assault firearms.

8. Honey Badger - Ghosts

This weapon is quite oddball because of its incredibly well-rounded shape in most respects. The Honey Badger is a killing machine in short-range to mid-range firefights. But at long ranges, it works less effectively. 

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Honey Badger in Ghosts

Notably, the built-in silencer is one of the more outstanding features of this weapon. It not only prevents attachments from the weapon's barrel but also attached to the gun & very handy when relying on remaining undetected.

9. MP40 - World At War

Even though there are different debates on the rank of it and the Type 100, the MP40 is still undoubtedly the weapon that we encounter more frequently in Call Of Duty: World at War. And it is also widely loathed that features in World at War. 

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MP40 in World At War

The MP40 itself is already the most extremely reliable choice for run & gun spray jockeys. If you pair this modest & unassuming Sub Machine Gun (SMG) with stopping power, it will become an unstoppable cartridge fountain.

Though the MP4's fire rate cannot overcome others', providing the extra bullet damage makes your opponents look bad with only two or three shots.

10. ARX-160 'Hole Puncher' - Advanced Warfare 

ARX-160 'Hole Puncher'

We usually see the ARX-160 in numerous Call of Duty titles, but it is outstanding in Call Of Duty 11: Advanced Warfare. Thanks to that, the ARX-160 becomes a three-round burst assault killing machine which comes with the best range in its class. This helps it trigger PTSD among Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare veterans who are still in the recovery process from their experiences with the M16.

Whether you use variants of either the Hole Puncher or Steel Bite, it will be a big challenge for all players to against ARX-160 at the ranges of medium to long.