PUBG is among the best known Battle Royale titles out there. Since the rise of the Battle Royale genre, the game has always been placed at the top in popularity. However, as the market boomed with a wide range of Battle Royale games, many formidable rivals have appeared and posed new challenges. PUBG seems to have rolled in a new race to optimize their game and support cross-play for console.

Pubg Console Update Crossplay 02
PUBG console now supports cross-play

In the latest update 4.3 to PUBG console, the developer has tried to bring console players closer. Console players can now be matched with others from a different platform. More specifically, PlayStation and Xbox players now share the same game and can be matched against each other. However, the cross-platform party feature has yet to be introduced into the game.

Pubg Console Update Crossplay 01
However, you can only play PUBG console against random players but not party with cross-play

Survival Mastery feature

The patch also brought a brand new feature: Survival Mastery. The feature tracks and records your behavior in-game like gun preferences, looting, item use during combat, reviving teammates. This will act as a way to express the player's personalities. Are you a fan or a proud user of the popular Kar98, M416, AKM? Now you can display your love for the gun with the new Survival Mastery.

Pubg Console Update Crossplay 03
Survival Mastery is a great way of displaying your own game preference

With Survival Mastery, a player can check their recent survival playstyle with the in-game analysis feature. It can track various information like Average Engagement Length and Distance, Items Looted per Game, Distance Traveled per Game and more.

Moreover, you are free to display whichever progression of your favorite on your account’s profile. This is a good chance to showcase your skill to friends and new players.

Pubg Console Update Crossplay 04
You can choose which to display on your own profile

The patch also includes a weapon from PUBG PC – DBS. The gun is available now in PUBG console.