With the festival coming soon, Tencent and PUBG Corp. have created a new in-game contest for PUBG Mobile’s fans. This event is named the Dusshera Lucky Draw – in this event, players get a chance to earn the newest flagship smartphone from Apple, an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Pubg Mobile Dussehra
Earn valuable goodies from this amazing event

The event is a simple contest in which you spin a wheel to choose between various items, both in-game and in real life. The wheel includes a PUBG Mobile cap, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Boat Earphones. The in-game cosmetic prizes include an AKM skin, a parachute skin, a backpack skin, a new outfit and a turban (part of the Indian festival theme). The final item on the wheel is the crate coupon. To access this contest you have to log into your PUBG Mobile account. Under the Events section, pick the Time-Limited tab on the top and select "Dusshera Lucky Draw"

Locate the event tab in the limited section

It is obvious that the rolls are all about luck – you would earn more chances to spin the wheel by doing daily event missions. The challenges are relatively simple, such as “killing two opponents in a single match” or “complete three matches in classic mode”. This event is going to be active from Sept 30 to Oct 9. The event page would also showcase a list of winners along with a form for your details – in the rare case that you win any of the real-life items.

Pubg Mobile X The Walking Dead 1569919854649
The next collab event of PUBG Mobile in October

Tencent and PUBG Corps. have been putting a lot of effort into improving PUBG Mobile as of late, with multiple collaborations and exciting events. Starting from October 1, the crossover event with a popular HBO TV series would begin. In this event, the players would be able to play as some of the characters from the TV series. This event also brings quite a few exclusive in-game items like character weapons, skins, and vehicles related to the TV series.

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