The collaboration between PUBG Mobile and The Walking Dead was announced all the way back at the PMCO Spring Split Grand Finals and now it has come true.

As a result of this collaboration, PUBG Corporation has announced a new event yesterday called "Survival Brings Us Together" for players to get free skins and items.

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PUBG Corporation has announced a new The Walking Dead event called Survival Brings Us Together

Joining this event, players will get to play a "The Walking Dead" board game. Players will choose one in three vehicles, a motorbike, a Tukshai, and a pick-up truck to move across the board. In order to move, players will need to complete missions in Adventure Missions Center. Each mission will give you a number of Fuels. There are a total of 4 missions daily for you complete and get a maximum of 5 Fuels.

There is a total of 4 daily missions that will give you 5 Fuels each day

You can move once using your vehicle with each Fuel. Your destination will be determined randomly based on your vehicle. With a motorbike, you can move 1 to 2 squares. With a Tukshai, you can move 3 to 4 squares. With a pickup truck, you can move 5 to 6 square.

You need to choose your vehicle wisely to travel across the board to get points, rewards and avoid spots with Red Frame

Each square on the board is marked with an item or location that will give you points, take away points or give you random rewards. Once you have collected enough points, you will receive a reward based on your number of points, including a Supply Crate Coupon (10 points), a Classic Crate Coupon (30 points), Silver Bullet AKM skin (60 points), and Daryl's Motorcycle (120 points). Each time you reach the starting point, the map will be reset and regenerated randomly. You will also receive extra rewards by completing the map.

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The event will last for 3 weeks from September 30 to October 21

Spots with Green Frame will give you points while spots with Red Frame will cause you to lose points. As for spots with Gold Frame, you will be given random rewards right away. Switching your vehicle smartly so you can avoid spots with Red Frame and get as many points as possible.

This event will last for 3 weeks from September 30 to October 21. Any leftover Fuel will be converted to BP and sent via in-game email after the event ends.