The ranking system in PUBG Mobile

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There are 8 rank tiers in PUBG Mobile from Bronze to Conqueror

In PUBG Mobile, there is a rank system that determined your skill, separated into 8 tier, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, Conqueror. This rank system is used to match you with players who have the same skill level. You can gain more rank points by killing other players and survive in matches. However, dying too soon while having no kill at all will decrease your rank. If that happens many times, your rank will decrease to the point that it will lower your tier too.

How Does Tier Protection Work?

You can see the Tier Protection mark on the Start button

When you just ranked up, for example, to Ace with 4,213 rank points, 13 points above the threshold, if you lose hard in the next game, your rank will be decreased below 4,200 and you will be demoted to Crown 1. With Tier Protection, your rank will only be decreased to 4,200 instead and you will still be in Ace tier. So having Tier Protection will help you play more comfortably without worrying too much about your rank. However, you need to remember that Tier Protection only works for Duos and Squads, not Solo.

Team Up: Tier Protection Event

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Your rating and rank won't drop even you lose badly while playing with your friends

There is a Tier Protection event going on in PUBG Mobile right now. In particular, when you are playing Duos and Squads with your friends, your rank and tiers won't drop in the first 5 matches each day. This event lasts from October 1 -3 for Classic matches. Head into the games with your friends now and have some fun without losing any rank.

There is also a "The Walking Dead" board game going on right now. You can check it out to get free rewards and items.