PUBG Mechanic series is back with another video to offer you tips and tricks that pro players use. In the last episode, they have shown us how to use Throwables properly in PUBG. This time they will be covering on how to use Vehicle correctly in PUBG. You can watch the video on the official YouTube channel PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS or you can just watch it right below.

Imagining that you and your Squad just got the whole city for yourself with tons of loot. You now have your gears ready and are prepared to fight the whole world. But there is one small problem, the circle is all the way across the map. You might be thinking: "Just get a car and drive there." Well, that is not technically wrong, but there is more to it than "just drive". Here are all the tips and tricks that you can use to make the most out of your vehicle and win the Chicken Dinner.

Don't take shortcuts

Pubg Mechanics Driving 0 25 Screenshot 1
Don't be like Jim and take the shortcut over high mountains

Driving off-road will lower your tire friction and reduce some cars' speed by 15%. That means your cars will go slower and get flipped by obstacles easier. Especially in Miramar, there are a lot of small bumps and hills. It will actually take you more time than driving on roads. It is also very dangerous if your vehicle doesn't have much health left and you will kill yourself in the most stupid way.

Pubg Mechanics Driving 1 12 Screenshot
Just try to stick to the road for your own safety

Know when to accelerate and when to slow down

Pubg Mechanics Driving 0 45 Screenshot
Avoiding trees and rocks in jungles on Erangel can be tough

When you are driving on a nice straight road, there is no need to worry about anything and you can just let it rip. However, remember to slow down when you need to take a turn or you will lose control of your car and drift off the road, just like in real life. If you are driving through a jungle on Erangel, it is better not to go at full speed because you won't be able to dodge all the trees and rocks there. Crashing into a tree can cause you and your vehicle to lose a lot of health. If there is a player nearby, you might even get killed.

Choose the right vehicle

Pubg Mechanics Driving 1 19 Screenshot
Most maps will have its own exclusive vehicles to help navigate the diverse terrains

A good rule of thumb is, the bigger the vehicle, the stronger and slower it is. If you want speed and mobility, a motorbike the way to go. If you want safety, a UAZ will be the best, apart from a BRDM-2 of course. And be careful with 3 wheels vehicle, they can be a little bit tricky to handle. Most maps have their own signature vehicles to help navigate the diverse terrains.  Try out all of the vehicles to get familiar with them and which maps they are on.

Utilize Handbreak

Pubg Mechanics Driving 1 32 Screenshot
You can do a quick stop by holding the Handbrake button and slam a side of the vehicle into an object or wall without taking any damage

Most players don't even know where the Handbreak button is because they think they don't need it. They use the Down Arrow key instead to stop the vehicle when they need to. But the Handbreak can do more than just stopping your vehicle. Firstly, you can do a quick stop by holding the Handbrake button and slam a side of the vehicle into an object or wall without taking any damage.

Pubg Mechanics Driving 1 40 Screenshot
Accelerating while holding the Handbreak to prepare to start driving immediately

If you are already on the driver seat, but your teammates are still running and haven't there yet. You can save some time by holding down the Handbrake, boost, and foward. After everyone gets in, just release the Handbreak and you will be able to drive away immediately.

Be as stealthy as possible

Pubg Mechanics Driving 1 51 Screenshot
Hide your vehicle inside a garage or a building so other players don't know your team is in that area

Always try to hide your vehicle inside a garage or a building so other players don't know your team is in that area.

Pubg Mechanics Driving 1 58 Screenshot
Turn off the engine of your vehicle to sneak on your target

Recently, PUBG just got a new feature that allows players to turn off the engine of their vehicle. While this new feature seems to be useless, it actually allows vehicle to run without making any noise at all. If you want to approach your target silently using this method, turn off the engine while you are driving your vehicle from 100 to 200 meters away from the target. They will never know what hit them.

Utilize vehicles in combat

Pubg Mechanics Driving 2 7 Screenshot
Blow up your own car to make a cover

If you are in the open field with no cover, you can blow up your own car and make it a cover from 1 direction. This is the reason why people take as many cars as possible in Squads. They can make their own fortress with them while sparing one or two cars left to move in the circle.

Pubg Mechanics Driving 2 32 Screenshot
Switch to another seat to shot at other players while your vehicle still moving

While driving, it is very common for you to see another player driving nearby. As both you and the other guy are driving, neither of you can shot at each other. Most of the time, people will try to stop the vehicle first to get out and shot. However, that way is not very effective. Instead, try to switch to another seat and shot at them while the vehicle is still moving. Note that switching seat is also very helpful while there is sniper aiming at you.

Pubg Mechanics Driving 2 20 Screenshot
A car is useless without tires

One last thing, cars can be hard to explode, but not their tires. A car is useless with its tires so you can aim for their tires as an additional option. Also, pop the tires of all vehicles and cars that you aren't using anymore to stop enemies in their tracks. This tactic is extremely effective on a large map like Miramar.