PUBG was released two years ago and popularized the battle royal genre all around the world. However, the game was still very unoptimized and lacked many features that improve the playing experience. And now, as the game is getting more and more optimized, PUBG is trying to create more ways for players to enjoy the game such as a background story, a short funny video series, and most recently, a guide on how to use throwables.

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PUBG Mechanics is a new official video series from PUBG

This video will be the first video of the official PUBG Mechanics series, where they offer tips and tricks that pro players use. You can check it out below.

Throwing grenades in general in PUBG isn't easy at all, especially when the target is far away. A common trick that most people already knew is that you can run and/or jump while throwing to increase the distance. However, what most people don't know is the best throwing angle. As a rule of thumb, the 45 degrees angle will usually give you the most distance. But how can you measure it in the game?

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45 degrees will usually give you the most distance

It's very simple actually. Forty-five degrees is the distance between the horizon and the top of your screen when looking forward.

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The top position of your screen when you are looking forward is the best throwing spot

And if your target is closed by, right-click to switch to underhanded throw for more accuracy.

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Use underhanded throw if the target is just a few meters away

Don't trust the trajectory arc unless your target is less than 5 meters away. Instead, you need to aim higher or throw while you are running/jumping. You can take advantage of the environment such as walls or edge to bounce them off and catch your enemies by surprise.

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The trajectory arc is inaccurate at a far distance

Before pushing in a house, always throw a grenade into the second floor of the building. Even if you don't kill anyone, they won't hear you coming because of the grenade will deafen them.

Unlike other throwables, Molotovs will break wooden doors instead of bouncing off. They also spread significantly across wooden floors and double the effect with 2 Molotovs.

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Molotovs can break wooden doors

Most players might already know that you can press R to cook your grenades, but each type will have different timing. Frag Grenades last 5 seconds, Stun Grenade last 2.5 seconds, and Smoke Grenade last 3 seconds. Molotovs will explode on impact or 5 seconds after being thrown. One more interest fact is that you can shoot a Molotov in midair to explode it.

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Frag Grenade needs 5 seconds

Pubg Mechanics Throwables 2 15 Screenshot
Stun Grenade last 2.5 seconds

Pubg Mechanics Throwables 2 17 Screenshot
Smoke Grenade needs 3 seconds

Pubg Mechanics Throwables 2 22 Screenshot
Molotovs will explode on impact or 5 seconds after being thrown

That being said, in order to use all of them effectively like a pro, you will need a lot of practice. But once you know how to do it, they will become super deadly weapons in every PUBG match or will save the life of your entire squad.

While you can just jump in a match and practice with real players, you can also use the Training mode for with unlimited items and a training ground. The more you practice, the more you will find these weapons are extremely powerful and find more creative ways to use them.

Pubg Training Mode Trailer 0 36 Screenshot
The Training mode offers you an unlimited amount of grenade

There will be more video coming to this series with more useful tips and tricks in the near future so stay tuned and follow the official PUBG channel on Youtube.