After PMCO, the biggest PUBG Mobile Tournament of the year ended, it is time for the PC version of PUBG to take the spotlight.

PUBG Nations Cup - one of the biggest international tournament for PUBG

Any professional players from any region of the country can participate to represent their nation. The method of choosing the representative for each nation is voting. Contestants from each country will vote for the others, and who get the most votes, become the country’s champion. The champion would then advanced into the grand final to play against others from various nations for the prize pool.

In certain countries, the player selection is different. Some would hold another smaller tournament to select the winner, while others would just select the best team in their country.

Below are the full details of the tournament. In the PUBG Nations Cup 2019, 16 teams from 16 nations will compete in the battleground – 4 people per team for a total of 64 players. 16 teams would fight for the grand prize of 3.5 crore and the title of the best PUBG team in the world. There would be about 15 matches played on Erangel and Miramar across three days.

Previous PUBG tournaments are spectacular events

In the end, instead of just professional teams representing their own organization in an international tournament - the fans would have something more to root for: all-star teams created from the best players in their countries. Combined with the tournament format that was held for the first time in history, PUBG Nation Cup Seoul is a very promising event and PUBG is getting more and more popular all over the world. We would be reporting more about this event in later posts.

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Nation Cup - Seoul 2019

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