Below is our guide for PUBG's ammunition

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All the ammo in PUBG

.300 Magnum – used for AWM

Icon Ammo 300magnum
A box of 300 magnum

A Heavy Bullet type, the .300 Magnum would deal exceptionally high damage at any Range. Due to its high speed, derivation due to the long-range is low.

Spawning as packs with 10 bullets in each. Can only be found in AirDrop

You should try to carry as many as possible.

.45 ACP – can be used for Sniper Rifles (SR), SMG (Submachine Gun), Pistols.

Icon Ammo 45acp
A box of 45 ACP

Light bullets that can be used for various type of guns, from pistols to SMG and even Sniper Rifles.

This type of ammo has low damage per seconds, however, they can travel at high speed in close range. It can be found anywhere on the map with 15 to 30 bullets per pack.

You would need about 100 for an SMG, 50 for a sniper rifle and 20 for pistols

12 Gauge – used for All Shotguns

Icon Ammo 12guage
A box of 12gauge

This 12 Gauge round is a Heavy Bullet type with High Damage in Close Range. The Bullet Travel Speed is High in Close Range. Spawning with 10 bullets in one pack. You can find it anywhere around your loot spots.

12 Gauge rounds are heavy shells that deal with absurdly high damage. Due to its high spread and high travel speed in close range, the use of this type of ammo is limited. You can find this ammo in most loot spots.

Spawning with ten bullets per packs and you can only pick up 15 max.

5.56mm – used for Assault Rifles (AR), Auto Sniper Rifles (DMR), Light Machine Guns (LMG).

Icon Ammo 556mm
A box of 5.56mm

A Medium bullet type, the 5.56 mm ammo is the most commonly used in PUBG. It has decent damage per second, spawn with 30 bullets per pack, and can be found in any loot spots on the map.

This type of ammo is useful for most situations – you should carry around 100 rounds per gun used.

7.62mm is used by an array of guns from all types of rifles like Assault Rifles (AR), Sniper Rifles (SR), Auto Sniper Rifles (DMR) to Light Machine Guns (LMG) and Pistols.

Icon Ammo 762mm
A box of 7.62mm

7.62mm belongs to the heavy ammo type. They are capable to deal high damage per second in the trade of their medium bullet speed. Most effective at close to medium range.

Spawn with 15 or 30 bullets in one pack – you should try to carry 100 rounds for ARs and DMRs, 50 for SRs, and 15 for pistols. They can be found on most loot spots.

9mm – can be used with SMG (Submachine Gun), Auto Sniper Rifles (DMR), and Pistols.

Icon Ammo 9mm
A box of 9mm

The lightest amongst all ammo types in PUBG – the 9mm has medium damage per second with medium bullet speed. This type of ammo has limited capability is limited to close and medium range, however, due to its low speed, its best to use something else.

Very common and can be found anywhere on the map, in packs of 15 and 30.

Bolt for Crossbow

Icon Ammo Bolt
A bunch of bolts

A special type of ammo – used for the Crossbow.

The heaviest ammo in PUBG, a body shot would instantly kill anything without armor and a headshot would penetrate any kind of helmet. However, due to its weight, you can only use the crossbow in close or medium range.

Max 20 bolt can be carried at a time.

Flare ammo

Icon Ammo Flaregun
A box of Flare gun ammo

Ammo for the flare gun to call in Air Drops and can only be used in specialty games. When shot into the air with the flare gun, a care package would be dropped into that location.

Get as many of this as you can.