A popular gaming drink

Mountain Dew has been massively popular in India as the favorite gaming drink. They have also helped to spread the love for Esports. They have created the Dew Gaming Truck to travel to every city, bringing the gaming experience to everyone. Mountain Dew will also host the Dew Arena 2019 this year.

The Dew Gaming Truck brings professional gaming experiences to everyone

In their latest announcement, Mountain Dew has revealed its largest gaming championship in India. Dew Arena 2019 will be on air this October. This is a great chance to play your favorite game with friends and family, to prove sportsmanship like any traditional sports. Last year's tournament has been a massive success.

Dew Gaming 2019 03
Portal Esports won the final trophy for both Dota and CS:GO last year

The Dew Arena 2019 will feature one large PUBG Mobile tournament. The qualifier stage will pan out in 90 days from July 5th to October 02. Players will be carefully selected through 100 daily matches. Those who win will get a ₹50 voucher and enter the qualifier match.

The big stage

Next, the daily qualifier matches will determine the attendant for the finals. Aside from one guaranteed ticket to the final, you can also claim one ₹5,000 voucher as the winner winner chicken dinner.

Dew Gaming 2019 05
Those who qualify will have the chance to play in front of the crowd in Dew Arena 2019

Later on, in October 2019, players across the country will gather in the Dew Arena 2019. The battle for the grand prize of ₹2 LAKH will be hella fun. The total prize pool of PUBG Mobile tournament is ₹11 LAKH. Even if you are not the last man standing, you can have a fair share of the cash.

Dew Gaming 2019 06
The luxurious Mountain Dew Gamers Arena cup

The Dew Arena 2019 also features other famous titles like Rocket League, Street Fighter 5, CS:GO, Dota 2, World Cricket Championship 2, Monster Trucks Racing. Though less popular in India, the other games still boast an impressive total prize pool of ₹20 LAKH.

Dew Gaming 2019 07
You have the chance to become the face of Mountain Dew

Also, winning CS:GO, Dota 2, Rocket League, or Street Fighter 5 will get your face on the Mountain Dew bottle. You can become a recognizable face for one of the most popular gaming drinks in India. Indian Esports will take another step forward with many big tournaments like this.