Season 4 has come to PUBG with Erangel visual changes, balance updates, and an intense trailer about the origin of these brutal battle royale games. 100 players, only 1 survival, every player must be very skilled in order to stay alive in such battles.

However, that is not the reality, as we all know that most players are not that good and we make a lot of mistakes every time which got us killed in the most ridiculous way. That is exactly what the most recent videos on PlayerUnknown's BattleGround Youtube channel are all about. To celebrate Season 4, PUBG team release this series of live-action videos called The Worst Player In World, where they show how PUBG players get killed in the most hilarious way.

Pubg Season 4 Cinematic Trailer 1 37 Screenshot
PUBG just released Season 4

So far the series has 6 short videos that are less than 1 minute each, featuring a guy named Reggie, an over-confident novice who shows off his skill and knowledge about the game to guide the viewer to the Chicken Dinner, except he is a clumsy player and often dies right after because of the most stupid flaws. Just like he said in the first video "Smell Like Chicken": “Rumor has it that when you win, you get a chicken dinner. Let’s just say I’ve helped feed plenty.”

But, even though he is not the best, he'll keep trying.

While most of his advice is often right, he doesn't execute them himself very well, such as wearing snow ghillie suit in... Erangel.

The element of surprise is very important, as he said. And he learned that the hard way in the video.

Yeah, being stealthy is important, but who can say no to a juicy crate dropping just a few meters away? Not our Reggie.

Smoke Grenades are very handy, just make sure you don't throw a Frag Grenade instead.

The M249 is a great weapon, but it won't save you from being surrounded by the sound it makes.