A new video that explains the stories behind PUBG’s Erangel map has been released. With this added story, the world of PUBG gained a back story that could be expanded further in later releases.

It has been over a year and a half since PUBG’s official release. Millions of players have spent a great deal of time in the virtual battlefields, trying to survive against all odds. Their only objective: to be the last man standing. PUBG’s gameplay has become a great hit in the video game industry, clear the way for many other battle royale games. That beg the question: How and why Erangel came into being.

The boy lying hidden   

The video begins from the perspective of a little boy back in 1965. Stuck in the scene of a battle, from inside his house, he saw soldiers massacring every person they encounter. After that, the boy somehow managed to escape just before airplanes bomb his home in the Russian countryside.

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The last survivor of Erangel

After that, a montage showed the transition of the map from a lively town to the deserted land as we know today.

Pubg Has A Dark History In The Cinematic Trailer O
The planes arrive to bomb Erangel

At the end of the video, the Russian boy is shown to be a man with access and revealed to be the man behind what is known as PUBG. After that, many TV screens that monitoring the battle royale matches happening in Erangel are displayed.

The mastermind behind everything

This might not mean anything to a lot of players but still, some story is better than no story. The brief flashback hinted at what normal gameplay in the PUBG world could shape up to be. A normal game with a proper storyline based on PUBG’s universe is already in the work. There is no estimated release date for this game, however, and it would probably be a few years before any info about this game would be released.