The Flare gun has been brought to PUBG a few months ago. While it deals no damage and only has only 1 bullet, it might just win you the game.

Pubg Update 26 Flare Gun
The Flare gun is a very rare weapon

The Flare gun is an extremely rare weapon that calls in a valuable airdrop. When you fire The Flare gun, every player will be able to see it and hear its sound. Depending on how you use it, you will either get a special vehicle or a weapon package or nothing at all, if you use it wrong. Since there is only an average of 2 to 3 Flare guns per game, the chance of obtaining one is really small. So if you happened to come across a Flare gun in your match, you wouldn't want to ruin your luck and call in nothing. Here are what you should know about Flare gun before you embarrass yourself under the witness of 100 players.

How to use the Flare gun

You need to shoot the Flare gun directly into the air

In order to use the Flare gun, you will need to aim it directly straight into the sky. If you shoot it at the ground or at a lower angle, there will be no plane. There can only be on Flare gun active at a time so if someone already used it, you need to wait until their plane goes out of the map first. If you shoot the Flare gun outside of the circle, you will get a special vehicle. Otherwise, you will get a special weapon package if you shoot it inside the circle.

When to fire the Flare gun

Pubg New Feature Flare Gun 0 33 Screenshot
Don't use the Flare gun before the first circle end

This is how most people waste their Flare gun, firing it right away without noticing the time. The Flare gun WON'T work until the first phase is done, or in other words when the first white circle disappears. Keep this in mind, be patient, and try to survive for the first few minutes if you want to use it.

Know which packages are available to call

Pubg New Feature Flare Gun 0 39 Screenshot
Make sure to notice which packages are available

Before you shoot it, make sure to check the Flare Gun UI above the mini-map to know which packages are available. For example, if you shoot it inside the circle while there are zero weapon package available, you will get nothing. If you successfully use the Flare gun, the UI will have a green flashing light until the drop leaves the plane.

Other tips

Pubg New Feature Flare Gun 1 12 Screenshot
Change your location quickly after looting

-Using a Flare gun will attract a lot of players around you, so make sure to keep your guard up.

-Use the Flare gun in open space so your package won't accidentally be stuck on the roofs of some buildings.

-Change your location as soon as you can after you loot the weapon package.