PUBG Mobile is currently one of the biggest and most popular mobile games, in both India and the world. As the popularity of the game grows, it also faces new challenges, such as users trying to bypass the game’s system using third party applications or other methods. PUBG Mobile currently has several anti-cheat features active, however, they were not enough to stop such users. To change the current situation, PUBG Mobile’s developers have just announced a ten-year ban wave on identified cheaters on 5/10.

PUBG Mobile's 3650 days ban

This move is primarily aimed at curbing the use of illegal third-party apps or tampering of game files that would provide a player with an unfair advantage. The developer also encourages people to report suspected cheating activity. PUBG Mobile developers also said that they are going to publish the IDs of all cheater after each ban wave.

The recent ban wave has locked about 3500 accounts for a variety of reasons, such as IDs were banned for a variety of reasons such as the use of cheating tools, auto-aiming, or even modified in-game data.

A cheat that could highlight people and objects

As prize money grows, players are expected to cheat so that they could get an advantage over other players. Besides this, there are multiple other tournaments organized by third parties that also offer significant prize money to winners. Indian tournaments have been getting great prizes as well.

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Auto-aim that could score constant headshots

Hacking and cheating is a harmful phenomenon that has been happening in quite a few popular esports titles, especially FPS. Game developers need to be careful when dealing with those cases, as negligence could lead to dire consequences.

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