The 0.15.0 update of PUBG Mobile is getting closer and closer. We can expect that this new update is going to bring a huge change to PUBG Mobile with a new Arcade mode, a new weapon, and a new vehicle. On the official Twitter page of PUBG Mobile, they are showing us that the BRDM-2, Ledge Grab, and the Desert Eagle is coming with the update

Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle is coming to PUBG Mobile


The Desert Eagle is considered as a Hand Cannon, which means it has extremely huge firepower, comparable to a DMR. The weapon only needs 2 shots to break an Lv 3 Helmet and 1 shot for Lv 1 Helmet.

The BRDM-2 provides the safety for its driver and anyone inside along with the ability to travel on water

Coming up next is the BRDM-2. This vehicle will replace the Armored UAZ from the Flare Gun. Armed with full-body armor, bulletproof tires and twice as much health as a UAZ, this beast is a moving fortress that will deliver you and your team to the victory. It can also move on the water as well as on land, giving its owner the mobility advantage.

Ledge Grab
Ledge Grab is going to brings PUBG Mobile to a new height

Last but not least is the most await ability for players, Ledge Grab. With this ability, you won't have to jump and land on top of buildings anymore. Instead, you can grab on the edge and climb up after you jump. This feature will give PUBG Mobile an entirely new layer of complexity. Moving from one building to another will be much easier and new places on the map can now be discovered.

In the latest news, PUBG Mobile has just collaborated with The Walking Dead, bringing players a new event and new characters from the series.