PUBG Mobile India Tour

PUBG Mobile India Tour is the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in India this year with a total prize pool of Rs 1.5 crore. Teams will first have to make it through online play-offs to be qualified in Group Finals, held in 4 different cities around India, Group A - Jaipur, Group B - Guwahati, Group C - Pune, Group D - Vizag. Group C Finals has concluded last week and now it's time for Group D team to shine.

The PMIT features a Rs 1.5 crore prize pool

The Grand Finals of the PMIT will be held in Kolkata on October 20, 2019.

How to watch Group D Finals

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Group D Finals teams list

Group D Grand Finals will start ton October 6 at 1:00 IST. We will be seeing 20 teams who have survived the play-offs fighting for two days straight to get qualified for the Grand Finals in Kolkata. Only 4 teams will make it and have a chance to become the champion. In this region, we have 2 famous PUBG Mobile teams which are Team X and Team IND. However, none of them made it through the play-offs in the top 20. The Group D Finals will be streamed on the official PUBG Mobile Youtube channel which you can find below in both English and Hindi.

PMIT Group D Finals English stream

PMIT Group D Finals Hindi stream

Group A, B, and C Finals Results

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There have been some issues in Group C Finals

Group A Finals ended with Rising HYDRA, TeamTitans, Kill2Survive, and Revenge Esports on the top. Based on the result, we could say that Rising HYDRA got an excellent performance over every other team with 46 kills and 131 points.

Group B Finals, on the other hand, had a pretty closed result between the top teams. Both team 8Bit Rampage and Team INS had 122 points but 8Bit Rampage has 1 more kill, making them the champion. Following up were Team GE and Team All-Star with 100 points and  93 points.

Group C Finals witnessed some issues which cause players to walk out. But they have come to an agreement in the end and resume the tournament. Team God's Reign is in 1st place, followed by Team Mayhem. Team Orange Rock and Instinct Shooters Official took the 3rd and 4th spot.