Yesterday was the last day of PMIT Group C Finals in Pune. We have finally determined another 4 teams to go to the Grand Finals of PMIT. However, unlike Group A and Group B Finals, the Group C Finals wasn't going very well as expected. There have been some conflicts occurred between players and the host that cause players to walk out and refuse to play.

Group C Finals results and standings

Finals English Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group
God's Reign, Team Mayhem, Instinct Shooter Official, and Orange Rock

4 teams in Group C who qualified for the Grand Finals of PMIT are God's Reign, Team Mayhem, Instinct Shooter Official, Orange Rock. The final results between the 4 teams were close. God's Reign had the most points with 115 points, followed by Team Mayhem with 96 points. The third and fourth place belonged to Instinct Shooter Official and Orange Rock with 84 points and 81 points respectively.

PMIT Group C Match 1 Sanhok:

Map 1
PMIT Group C Map 1 Standings

Map 1 was actually meant to be played on Erangel. However, due to technical issues, the match was canceled. Thus the map was changed to Sanhok.

Team Instinct Shooters Official (ISO) dominated the match thanks to ISO Devansh, who got 7 kills for the team. In total, they got 14 kills that match and obtained the Chicken Dinner. Team God's Reign went second, but they only got 1 kill, so they only placed fourth after the first match.

PMIT Group C Match 2 Miramar:

Map 2
PMIT Group C Map 2 Standings

Match 2 started on Miramar, a much bigger map than Sanhok and a more familiar battleground for most teams. Team Mayhem (mYm) retained their consistency from the first match, got 12 kills and won the Chicken Dinner this time.

Team Orange Rock made a comeback from the poor performance in the last match. They scored 9 kills but went second place because of team mYm.

Finals Hindi Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group C
Overall Standings after the second match

In this match, we had 3 top fraggers, each with 8 kills, which were mYmNova, IsoDevansh, and ORcarry.

Finals Hindi Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group C
We had 3 fraggers this match, each with 8 kills

PMIT Group C Match 3 Sanhok:

Finals Hindi Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group C
PMIT Group C Map 3 Standings

Team Mayhem still performed wonderfully, however, they just couldn't stop the God. It was just too hard for mYmVampireOP to win against all 4 members of God's Reign so they went second with 13 kills. God's Reign got the Chicken Dinner of match 3 along with 15 kills. Even though, mYmVampireOP still scored 7 kills for his team before he got eliminated.

Finals Hindi Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group C
Overall Standings after the third match

Overall, after match 3, Team Mayhem was in the first place with 34 kills thanks to their consistent performance throughout all three matches. God's Reign was in second place, followed by Orange Rock and ISO.

PMIT Group C Match 4 Sanhok:

Finals Hindi Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group C
PMIT Group C Map 4 Standings

Yet another match on Sanhok and another victory for God's Reign. They have dominated the match with 13 kills and easily get the Chicken Dinner. Meanwhile, the winners from previous matches seemed to have reached their limit and get eliminated early.

Thus, the second place of this match belonged to RIP official with 10 kills, followed by team 9211.

Finals Hindi Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group C
Overall Standings after the fourth match

Being the winner of 2 matches along with an amazing kill count, God's Reign was reigning the first place after match 4 with 115 points. Team Mayhem dropped to the second after being eliminated at the 16th position in match 4. The third-place belonged to team ISO, followed by team Orange Rock.

PMIT Group C Match 5 Sanhok:

Finals Hindi Oppo X Pubg Mobile India Tour Group C
PMIT Group C Map 4 Standings

Weirdly enough, match 5, once again, was on Sanhok but not Erangel. Team God' Reign got right into the middle of the circle, but that might have given them more disadvantage than benefits. They got surrounded by every other team and eventually got eliminated by RIP Official and Team Psyche.

Team RIP Official killed 11 players that match and got the Chicken Dinner. Team Orange Rock went second place thanks to their last member ORsandhu.

However, the real show of this match was Team Psyche. While they only got third place in this match, they got a total of with 21 kills before getting eliminated by RIP Official. Thus, they earned the most point in this match. No team in the Pune Finals has been able to achieve that many kills in a single match.

Overall Results

Overall Standing
Over Standings of PMIT Pune Finals

Team God's Reign ended up being the champion with 2 Chicken Dinner, followed by Team Mayhem, Orange Rock, and ISO.

The top fraggers of the Finals

mYmVampireOP killed the most players with 18 kills in total, followed by ORcarry and IsoDevansh with 13 kills each.


Unlike the other two, the Group C Finals wasn't going on very well. As I mentioned above, the first map was supposed to be on Erangel. However, due to delays and technical issues, the organizers decided to use Sanhok and Miramar after 2 failed attempts trying to rehost on Erangel. Unfortunately, that was not the only problem. After the second match, many players have been complaining about ping and lag problems, making them unable to play and lost unjustly. Up to 15 teams refused to come back and continue playing. Many famous players even broadcasted themselves live on their social media to seek support from their fans. According to 8Bit-Thug, the captain of team 8Bit-Rampage, ping spikes happened twice on Miramar, causing many players to die unfairly.

In one of the livestreams made by the players there, they said that all these 15 teams will be disqualified from the PMIT Finals and have their accounts banned in PUBG Mobile for 1 year.

After more than two hours of delay, players and organizer seemed to have come to an agreement and the Finals continued. Instead of playing on each map once and Erangel twice. The Finals turned out to have 4 matches on Sanhok and 1 match on Miramar. This change seems to be the agreement between players and organizers. Also, no team or player will be banned from PUBG Mobile or disqualified from PMIT.

Problems occur in large Esports tournament is not a very rare thing to see. However, professionals teams and players need to have more understanding and think carefully before doing such reckless actions to leave the stage and refuse to play.