Twitch Prime loot from Tencent Games and Amazon in PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile Twitch Prime
Twitch Prime loot is now including Infiltrator set for PUBG Mobile fans

Here is good news for PUBG Mobile’s fans all over the world. The new Twitch Prime loot is now present in the game. This exclusive Twitch Prime loot comes from the collaboration from Tencent Games and Amazon. 

As in their announcement before, the exclusive loot is now available. So, players should start to grab interesting PUBG Mobile items now because it may just appear this time only.

What items can you get 

Exclusive Twitch Prime loot in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile players are now giving all their interest in what items they will be able to get in the Event Center. You will be able to claim a new part of Infiltrator Set in the Event Center every two weeks until the set is completed. One of the items, for example, is the Infiltrator Mask, which is also the first item in the set you will get

The deal that Twitch Prime offers will also include a skin for the Kar98K sniper (named The Blood Oath skin). The skin will appear in the theme of black and red with a golden bolt.

Notably, you will get the Black Magma Parachute, which is decorated with a face with a pair of goggles on it. Certainly, there will be more black and red hues on the chute.


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Amazon Prime - Exclusive loot

The Twitch Prime loot is now available on iOS and Android. With a mobile device, you can claim the whole  Infiltrator Set on Amazon. Are you ready for the Twitch Prime loot?