Recently, on social media, a video of a boy swimming in a drain in Vijayapura has gone viral and created many controversies among many people.

It seems that the boy has made a bet with his friends to swim in the filthy water in the drain behind Gagan Mahal if he lost the PUBG Mobile match he was playing on Friday. According to his friends, the boy was addicted to PUBG Mobile and would play the game every day until midnight. That why he was so confident in his ability to win and took the bet. However, sadly, he lost. While at first, he refused to do it, he eventually did what he promised and jumped into to drain for real. No one was forcing him and his friend even tried to stop him.

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Water drains are usually covered with a lot of wastes

As you can see in the video, the drain was covered in trashes and wastes with dirty water. The boy swam in that place for two to three minutes for losing the bet. After that, he took a bath for an hour and went home. The boy played the game again that night as usual according to his friends.

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It is common to see a youth holding their phone playing games

While the boy seems to be alright so far, that was a very reckless action. By swimming in the drain full of wastes, he could have gotten skin diseases and infection or he could have swallowed some of the water in the process. The video has come to the notice of Gol Gumbaz police station. They said that they haven't received any complaint about this incident yet but they will try to identify the boy and investigate further.

Recently, parents in Belagavi has protested against PUBG Mobile and other online games on mobile phones. You can read further information about this news here.