Yesterday was the last day of the PUBG Mobile Yuvin Community Cup Season 1. The tournament consisted of 10 Myanmar PUBG Mobile teams and the best Indian PUBG Mobile teams such as Team X, Team Soul, Team IND, and team Orange Rock,...While Team X has performed wonderfully in the first 2 days and secured the first position, team Orange Rock made an amazing comeback and become the champion at the end of Day 3.

Day 1

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Top 10 teams after day 1

Indian teams have shown their dominance by having 8 Indian teams being in the top 10. Team X got a huge lead with a total of 39 kills and 83 points. They had 15 kills and 20 points more than the team in second place, 8-Bit. Team Orange Rock, meanwhile, was in 4th position with only 60 points.

Day 2

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Team X kept strengthening their position at the top

Team X kept strengthening their position at the top and maintained their huge lead with 40 points more than the team in second place. However, this time, the team in second place was not 8-Bit anymore but team Orange Rock. Team Orange Rock has shown their consistency and took over the position while team 8-Bit  dropped to 6th place.

Day 3

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In the end, team Orange Rock is the winner

While Team X performed great in the first two days, they have let the championship slipped from their hand in the last day. In the last three matches, they can barely get any point. In fact, they didn't earn any point the first match of Day 3 at all. As a result, they took the third position. Team Orange Rock, on the other hand, earned more than 80 points on Day 3 and became the winner of the whole tournament with201 points and 65 kills. In the second place is Team Mega X, who also has made a great comeback from position 9.